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Letterpress Setter Resume

Letterpress setter is a job where someone spends his time in the same place, making almost the same things. A letterpress setter has to prepare all kinds of printings and print media

  • To mix colors
  • To regulate printing presses and machines
  • To print monochrome or color printing with different technologies
  • To use various colors that need precise color mixing and appreciation aesthetics of the original
  • To adjust the color tones and to offset deficiencies in the prints sample
  • To maintain and make repairs to the current printing machines.


This profession demands working in the printing workshops where printing is done in noise, dust, chemicals and in shifts. A letterpress setter professional must have knowledge of using printing presses (manual or automatic, off-set machines, rotary engraving, silk screen printing, etc.), current tools for their maintenance and simple repair operations and measuring instruments. Every letterpress setter has to know how to work with these machines. Every printing order has a time limit for being printed and the letterpress setter needs to do printing of all the required materials in due time. It is a well known fact that first impression always counts; therefore a good Letterpress setter resume will increase your chances of obtaining more interview appointments. You have to write about your qualification in the field and experience and more than that you have to impress with your qualities and skills so write all the important information.

Letterpress Setter Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Amelia Tinge
Birth date: 22/2/1982
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To develop a career as a letterpress setter and to expand my horizon and knowledge; to work hard and accomplish my duties and to grow constantly in this domain.


  • Excellent manual dexterity
  • Concentration ability
  • Very well trained specialist with excellent letterpress skills
  • Hard working
  • Over 4 years of experience in this work field
  • Proven track record of accomplishing all tasks with great success
  • Precision and ability of reacting fast
  • Color sense
  • Knowledge of printing presses
  • Good with tools and equipment
  • Proficient in quickly and accurately compare similarities and differences among sets of letters
  • Ability of solving technical problems
  • Ability to arrange things or actions in a certain order
  • Proficient in checking details at close range

Work Experience

Assistant letterpress Setter, Teona Printing Industry, Middle Town, 2004–2010
Duties and responsibilities

  • Operating printing machines
  • Mixing colors
  • Creating lists, price lists and rate schedules

Letterpress Setter, 2010–Present
Black Bird Printing Company, Middle Town
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Cleaning parts and checking them for malfunction
  • Ordering new parts and supplies when required
  • Worked with specially-equipped presses
  • Dismantled and reassembled printing units to service and maintain them
  • Supervised activities of apprentices and feeding or stacking workers
  • Administered feeding and printing operations to maintain specified operating levels.
  • Prepared material for printing press
  • Developing magnetic films in adherence to asked result and quality and sending to other workers for packaging or arranging delivery for the customer
  • Storing information in computer aided equipments and providing them when required
  • Used various new applications such as proportion wheels to resize documents; some of the work performed are reduction, enlargement, adding colors and various other things
  • Conducted examination of unexposed photographic plates to detect any foreign particles or glitch before printing
  • Installed and operated laser plate making machine


High school diploma, Middle Town University, Middle Town, 2003


  • Accomplished all tasks with great success
  • American Association of Machine Setters

Areas of interest

  • New technologies
  • Printing technologies
  • Making paper


Aeron Simms
Teona Printing Industry, Middle Town

Emily J. Carter
Black Bird Printing Company
Middle Town

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