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Telecommunications Line Servicer Resume

They take care of fiber optic cable and special equipment used in telecommunications, using technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills. The resume of a telecommunication line servicer needs to underline these technical abilities and experience or familiarity in working in the telecommunication field.


The job also implies working with customers, traveling to their premises and performing various service operations to the telecommunication equipment, including audio and video equipment. They have to inspect cables and devices, to determine transmission functioning, to test and measure the strength of the telecommunication signals. They also have to perform manual tasks, such as splicing cables or stringing cables between different structures. Working in hard accessible sites, such as poles, tunnels and trenches is another responsibility for the telecommunications line servicers.

Their resume should therefore include physical abilities in the skills category. The educational background is irrelevant since telecommunications specialist benefit from on-the-job training, but courses in technical sciences or a vocational program is an obvious advantage.

Telecommunications Line Servicer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Brad Clark
Birth date: 16.03.1971
Address and Contact Details: 12 Hamilton Square, Noblesville, IN, IN 46060
Phone: 700.600.9000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 3 children
Driver's license: Yes


I am very knowledgeable and experienced in telecommunications systems, transmission of information, broadcasting, control and switching. I have been working in the field for the last ten years, with great results and professional satisfactions, in installing, repairing and maintaining telecommunications lines and equipment for customers and public institutions.


My objective is to continue my work experience in the field, offering my technical services to a private telecommunications company. I have all the necessary skills and abilities to pursue this career and help your customers deal with any telecommunication aspect or issues they encounter.


Telecommunications systems specialist, with work experience, looking for a better career opportunity.


  • Knowledge in telecommunications
  • Skillful in customer services
  • Engineering and technical abilities
  • Physical abilities, ability to work long hours and travel
  • Familiar with public safety and security standards
  • Manual dexterity and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to handle all the tools, equipment, accessories and devices used in telecommunications
Computer knowledge: Intermediate computer knowledge, ability to work with computerized telecommunication systems and with computerized tools.

Work Experience:

Telecommunications Line Servicer, 2000-2010
SV Cable Company, Indiana


  • Installing and repairing telecommunication lines and cables
  • Operating equipment for installation
  • Using hand tools for installation and repairs
  • Responding to customer request
  • Stringing cables to houses and between structures
  • Installing special devices, such as repeaters and amplifiers
  • Inspecting and maintaining telecommunication systems
Education and Training:

Two-year Associate Degree in Telecommunication Technology
High School Diploma in Technical Sciences, North Indiana Public School


The position of telecommunications line servicer has brought me the professional satisfaction of working in the technical field and helping customers with excellent telecommunications services.

Areas of interest:



Available upon request

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