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Telephone Station Servicer Resume

They work with wires, cables and special hand tools for customers, private or public, in houses or in business companies, in order to ensure perfect telephone and related services. Usually, they are employees of private companies.


The resume of Telephone Station Servicers needs to be centered towards the technical abilities of the incumbents, the special education received in this domain or the job training received in previous work places. Familiarity in handling telephone equipment and tools is an advantage. Physical skills are also required, as well as the ability to travel to clients' premises. Customer services skills can be very appreciated, as well as strong computer knowledge and troubleshooting abilities.

Telephone Station Servicer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Curt Hamilton
Birth date: 19.04.1975
Address and Contact Details: 58 Hamilton Square, Noblesville, IN 9595
Phone: 222.678.9090
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: Yes


My experience in working in the telecommunications field consists of a 2- year training program in a vocational school and of consistent on-the-job training as an apprentice under the supervision of experienced Telephone Station Servicers. During this time I have succeeded in acquiring all the knowledge, skills and abilities required by this position, thus becoming a powerful candidate for your company.


My accomplishments as a Telephone Station Servicer during my years of training have determined me to follow this career in a competitive and modern work environment, being able to offer my services to serious customers with extensive telecommunications needs.


Telephone Station Servicer with considerable training, ready to handle the duties and responsibilities required by the position.


  • Knowledge in telecommunication systems and telephone systems
  • Ability to install telephone systems, troubleshoot for malfunctions, repair and perform maintenance tasks
  • Ability to travel to customers' premises and solve complex telecommunications issues, including internet issues
  • Physical abilities, ability to string wires and telephone cables, to climb poles
  • Good customer service skills
Computer knowledge:

Advanced computer knowledge, ability to perform installation and repair tasks on software and hardware systems, ability to work with computerized telecommunication systems

Work Experience:

Telephone Station Servicer, 2007-2010
V&C Telephone Company, Indiana


  • Installing, repairing and maintaining telephone station equipment and devices, using special tools, technical instructions and testing devices
  • Connecting wires, stringing cables, following installation technical instructions
  • Testing and operating equipment to verify functioning and communication transmissions
  • Adjusted software and hardware devices and components for internet connections
  • Worked with various technical components and instructed users
Education and Training:

Vocational Program for Telecommunications Servicers
High School Diploma in Computer Science, North Indiana University


I have managed to obtain great work performance reviews from my supervisors and I have offered quality services to the company's clients

Areas of interest:



Available upon request

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