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Computer Resume

A well-written, specific resume will improve your chances of getting the desired job profile in computer field. When you are writing a computer resumes, you need to make sure that you highlight technical skills, soft skills, technical knowledge and the job profile you are interested in.

There are various job profiles in the computer fields such as programmer, tester, DBA, support job, teaching job, and web-based development job. All these job profiles need technical proficiency, but it is essential to highlight different sections in the computer resumes for different job profiles. Steps to write computer resumes are as follows:

  • Before you start your resume writing, collect information about your work experience, education, training, certification and list of software, hardware, networks, servers, programming languages and operating systems that you know and your proficiency level to use them.

  • Provide your contact information in proper formatting at the top of the resume. Mention your complete name (do not write pet name), postal address, email address and contact number.


  • Mention a clear job objective that clearly highlights the post that you are applying for. Limit the job objective to 2 to 3 sentences. If you write a lengthy job objective, the recruiter would not be interested to go through it. You can highlight points such as the job profile you are interested in, your work experience, the technical skills and the reason why you desire to work for the company.

  • Mention your technical skills under two sections such as software and hardware. Use bullet points to list the various programs, programming languages, networking functionality, etc. Mention your proficiency level with each technology. Using bullet point will help you to grab the attention of the recruiter. Make sure you research about the kind of skills the recruiter is looking for. For example, if you are applying for java programmer's job, then mention your technical proficiency about servlets, EJB's, and other features of java language. Those applying for technical support job can mention their proficiency to troubleshoot on various platforms. If you have worked on linux, then mention it in your resume.

  • It is essential to highlight the details of previous jobs. Start with your recent job and proceed to mention your other experiences. You should mention the designation, company's name, employment dates, your roles, responsibilities and achievements. It is essential to highlight your roles, responsibilities and achievements to create the right impression on the recruiter. Those applying for a managerial job can mention how they managed their team, helped them complete the project within deadline and interacted with clients. It important to mention the extra responsibilities that you undertook. It will provide you an edge over the other candidates applying for the job.

  • List your education details in reverse chronological order. Entry level candidates need to mention their education details below the technical skills. Mention the name of the degree, college or university, year of passing (skip it if you have completed your education many years ago or have huge gap), achievements and subjects. You can mention the technical subjects that you learned during your graduation or post graduation.

  • If you have appeared or cleared any technical certification exam to upgrade your knowledge, mention it in your resume. In technical field, global certifications are considered, hence if you have any then mention them in your resume. Include the training and seminars that you have attended during your previous jobs. You may even include any training programs that you attended to improve your soft skills.

  • Mention references at the end of the resume or mention that reference will be provided upon request. Mention the contact details of the manager or immediate head from the previous companies. Include their contact details such as name, designation, contact number, company name and email-id.

There are several computer resumes provided on this site, which can be used for reference. You can use these resumes for varying jobs to create a unique customized resume. Make sure you provide the appropriate information about your technical proficiency as you will be judged in the interview depending upon the details you provide in the resume.

Following are the computer sample resumes:

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