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Database Administrator Resume

Database Administrators 1 identify the needs of users, design and maintain the database of a company. They manage and coordinate the parameters and monitor the performance of the database in order to provide faster query execution.

The Database Administrator 1 organizes and handles the hardware and software requirements; they verify database management system versions in order to find better solutions for existing queries and they add data dictionary definitions and procedures for databases. Database Administrators 1 are also responsible for testing new software with staff members before implementing it in an organization.


Your Database Administrator Resume 1 can start with the contact information, with an introduction and a short qualifications summary. Then, you have to add the objective statement. The objective statement has to present your desire to apply for the job offered by the company and the skills and qualifications you have. The next section of your Database Administrator Resume 1 has to be a bullet pointed list of your skills and capabilities. Here, you should list your deep knowledge in the design and maintenance of databases.

The following section of your resume has to describe your work experience. Talk about your duties and responsibilities in your previous positions and add in this section, the name of the position you held, the name of the company, the location and the period of employment. The next section has to be about your education and training. Database Administrators are required to have a Bachelor's Degree in information technology or computer science. In this section, you can also add your certifications on databases like Microsoft SQL Server or with a Master's Degree in information systems because you will have more hiring opportunities. In this section, you have to write the name of the degree, the name of the schools you attended and the location of the schools.

Database Administrators 1 are required to be highly technical individuals with extensive knowledge and expertise in organizing and creating databases. These skilled workers are required to find new ways to create and design databases that are convenient for users and faster in execution or performance.

Sample Database Administrator Resume

Contact Information
Name: Andrew Smith
Address: 387 Madison Street
Marital Status: Single
Birth date: 19.01.1979


From my experience, I can state that the Database Administrators 1 identify the needs of users, design and maintain the database of a company.


Looking for a rewarding and challenging position as a Database Administrator 1 in a reputed organization where I can utilize my strong analytical skills and my vast expertise and experience in the field


Hard-working and motivated Database Administrator with strong expertise in external sources with extensive experience in operating databases on OS platforms

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Strong knowledge of various operating systems
  • Ability to install and to operate databases on OS platforms
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Vast experience in design and maintenance of clinical databases

Work Experience

Database Administrator, IMB, New York, NY, 2005-present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Created and implemented the database structure for the company
  • Responsible for handling and populating the database of the company
  • Updated and modified the performance of databases periodically
  • Designed databases and programmed edit checks
  • Managed and coordinated the parameters of the database in order to provide faster query execution

Database Administrator, Harris Corporation, Boston, MA, 2001-2005
Duties and responsibilities

  • Performed administrative duties within various office environments
  • Developed and managed data using advanced expertise of Microsoft Office applications
  • Planned and implemented various programs and projects for the company
  • Developed, implemented and updated complex databases and spreadsheets
  • Provided complex advice on improvements to the company's databases leading to an increased productivity

Master's Degree in Computer Science, New York University
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, New York University

Achievements and affiliations
Member of Data Management International since 2006

Areas of interest
Database Administration

References available upon request

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