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Email Marketing Specialist Resume

An email marketing specialist is a person whose main responsibility is to develop an email marketing program. In his work, the email marketing specialist will collaborate with a team of experts such as: researchers, data analysts, copywriters, developers, translators.


If you intend to apply for an email marketing specialist job, then you will have to try optimizing email strategies. How to do this? You will have to use your creativity and develop high-impact email content, to research and to analyze all types of online marketing strategies, create campaigns, improve marketing campaigns and to do any other activities that you consider necessary.

The email marketing specialist has to test and implement best practices in ongoing messaging. For every campaign, performance standards are established and the results have to be evaluated by the analytic teams and the email marketing assistant so as to verify if these are in accordance with the established standards. Besides making campaigns, the specialist will deal with managing email distribution, developing a monthly emails plan, creating and maintaining a good relationship with the email service provider.

All duties and responsibilities of the clients aim to bring new clients, keep existing clients and develop and improve the email marketing program. Once time passes by and your experience grows, you will advance and have more responsibilities.

When making a resume that fits for this job's expectations, focus on presenting your experience and abilities in planning content, copying, creative work, development, testing, sending and reporting results.

Email Marketing Specialist Resume Template

Personal Details
Name: Adam Smith
Birth date: 23.08.1982
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


In a world where the internet is vital, email marketing is more developed with every day that passes by. Therefore, the employer will have lots of expectations from the person that applies for this job. With great training in this field, one can contribute even more to the evolution of this type of marketing.


To get a position in your company as an email marketing specialist and to use all my skills to improve my knowledge permanently and to accomplish my duties better and better.


Well trained, creative, professional, experienced in direct marketing, focused on planning, testing, sending, and reporting results of e-mail sales campaign, I can hardly wait to start working for your company

Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Finding solutions to problems
  • Dynamic personality

Technical skills

  • Experience in direct marketing
  • Computer literate: Microsoft Office, Internet,
  • Knowledge of HTML, Dream weaver, Photoshop and analytics software

Work experience

Mail marketing specialist, Lifecare Products and Services, Big City, USA, 2006-2010

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitoring the best practices in the industry
  • Creating marketing campaigns
  • Distributing emails
  • Developing monthly emails plan

E-mail Marketing Specialist, Eureka Products and Services, Big City, USA, 2004-2006

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Distributing emails and answering telephones
  • Promoting sales campaigns
  • Searching new potential clients
  • Maintaining a good relationship with the email service provider

A.A. Business and Sales, 2004


  • Developed ability of creating successful campaigns
  • Improved computer skills

Areas of Interest

  • Marketing
  • Sales- sales strategies
  • IT


Jamie Vicent
Lifecare Products and Services

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