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Statistician Resume

Statisticians are skilled workers who have to create and design experiments and surveys. They have to gather, study and interpret various market trends in numerical data. Some Statisticians can work for the government while others can work for the private sectors.


One of the key techniques used by statisticians is sampling. Through sampling they can obtain extensive information about a group by surveying a small part of the population. Statisticians can build their information on existing statistical methodologies. They can recreate sampling techniques to facilitate analysis, train assistants in the field, or use specialized software and tools in order to gather accurate and correct statistical data. Statisticians also have to determine what statistical approach is better for a particular study, they need to be able to perform various analysis on abstract models and they have to create and to implement experiments in order to test the quality of some products.

The first elements that you have to add in your Resume are the contact information (name, address, telephone), the objective statement (one or two sentences describing what type of position you are looking for) and what skills and qualifications you have for this job. In the next section, you can add your summary qualifications. Here add four or five sentences presenting some general skills, but also some specific skills and qualifications that are useful in this field. Highlight skills that you feel are relevant to your application in this industry.

The next section is about your work experience. Offer details on your previous jobs, present what your duties and responsibilities were in every position and how you helped the company progress. The last two sections have to be about your training and education. In the training section, mention just the highest degrees, focusing more on the courses that are relevant to your position as a Statistician. Your resume should have name of degree, school attended and location of school.

Statisticians have important roles in the market because their main duty refers to gathering and analyzing important data: election preferences, opinion polls or earnings in a specific position.

Statistician Resume Sample

Contact Information
Name: Elvis Hendey
Address: 14 Catherine Street
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 19.07.1977


From my experience, I can state that statisticians have to collect, study and interpret various market trends in numerical data


To obtain a challenging and rewarding position as a Statistician in a reputed company where I can utilize my vast experience, my excellent analyzing skills and my strong education


Hard-working, qualified and enthusiastic Statistician with ten years experience in using mathematics to collect, analyze and interpret data in various sectors of the market

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Strong problem-solving and decision making skills
  • Deep knowledge in various statistical methods
  • Proficiency in using the statistical analysis software (SAS)

Senior Statistician, First Transit, Washington, DC, 2005-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Defined the statistical methodology and sample size for various studies
  • Provided accurate outputs in protocols, statistical analysis plans, study reports or submission documents
  • Defined project level database and analysis standards
Statistician, Beacon Associates, New York, NY, 2000-2005

Duties and responsibilities

  • Created close relationships with the members of the Statistics team
  • Provided statistical support across various operations
  • Performed data analysis with relevant tools and techniques
  • Trained other employees in the use of Statistics

Master's Degree in Mathematics, Yale University
Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, Yale University

Areas of interest



References available upon request

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