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Construction Resume

As there is tremendous competition in every field, it is important to send a smartly written resume when you are applying for construction job. The construction resumes include your work experience details, education details, skills, contact details, achievements, etc that help the employer to decide whether you are the appropriate candidate.


There are various job profiles in the construction industry such as carpenter, bricklayer, construction worker, iron worker, construction manager, mason, electrician, maintenance technician, plumber, painter, welder, surveyor and roofer. When you are drafting the construction resumes, highlight the exact job profile you are interested in.

Following sections must be included in the construction resume:

Job objective:

A job objective tells the employer about the kind of job opening you are interested in. It should also include your skills and work experience details that make you eligible for the job. Entry level candidates can mention the specialized training they have undergone. You can even mention the reason why you would like to work for a particular company.

Contact Information:

After going through your resume, you want the employer to call you back for an interview. It is important to mention your contact details in your resume. Contact information should include your full name, address for correspondence, mobile or home phone number and email address. If you do not have a professional email-id, then create and mention it in your resume.


Mention the skills specific to the job you are applying for using bullet points. It will grab the employer's attention. Mention soft skills under different section.

  • Skills specific to the construction field: Handling power or hand operated tools, have valid license to use particular tool or vehicle, have cleared the safety compliance program, helped in equipment maintenance, experience of working in shifts, received award for maintaining clean and safe work environment.
  • Soft skills: Those applying for coordinator job need to mention their leadership skills. Because you need to work in a team, mention that you are a team player. There are certain keywords that the employer will be looking for in the skills section such as professionalism, goal-oriented, result-driven, honest, punctual, organized, and multitasking. Mention the interpersonal skills as well.

Work Experience:

Mention your previous work experience details in reverse chronological order. It is essential to mention the most recent and relevant work experience details at the top. Along with the company's name, designation and tenure at the company provide details of your roles and responsibilities. Highlight those responsibilities that are related to the job you are applying for.

Education details:

List your educational qualifications using bullet points in reverse chronological order. Highlight your participation in extracurricular activities. If you have received any award and recognition, mention them in your resume.


Candidates who have undergone training to manage special tools or equipment can mention them in their resume. If you posses any specialized training necessary for the job, then mention it in your resume. Use bullet points to mention the features of special training program you attended.


References are provided if the employer wants to do a background check. Hence provide the contact information of your manager in the last two to four companies. List their details such as name, title, company name, contact number. Make sure that you are providing references that will provide a positive feedback about you.

There are construction resumes provided in this web site that can be used as guideline. Collect all the information you wish to mention in your resume before you start drafting it. You resume should be presentable, error-free, clear and drafted using professional font. Use professional language when you write your resume. Include keywords related to the construction field that the employer would be looking for in your resume. It is important to mention clearly the job profile you are applying for in your resume.

Following are the construction sample resumes:

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