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Block Mason Resume

The name of the job of a block mason says quite a lot about the job. The duties of the block mason include building structures of blocks, such as walls, walkways, bridges and roadways. In some cases, the block mason might also be contracted to build a smaller element to another structure, like a fireplace, chimneys or other interior design pieces. Naturally, the block mason might also be contracted to repair structures that have been build of blocks. If you feel like you would be up for this job then you should write a block mason resume that might seem to be appealing to the employer. The resume should include the personal details that you have, just as in any other case. Besides this, it might also be useful to mention your prior work experience in the field and the education that you received.


Block Mason Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Scott Mayor
Birth Date: 2 February 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To obtain the job of a Block Mason at your company. In order to achieve this, I would like to get the chance to attend an interview during which I would be able to show you proof of the skills and the abilities that I have in this field and I could also tell you about the work I have done.

Skills and Competences

  • Technical skills regarding masonry
  • Knowledge regarding the auxiliary materials
  • Over four years of experience in this domain
  • Highly trained and skilled
  • Good knowledge in the field of masonry
  • Knowledge of the materials used in the field of masonry
  • Ability to work with specialized masonry tools
  • Laying up block to fit together
  • Performing all types of masonry work
  • Posses good dexterity to become a block mason
  • Ability to work with dangerous tools at great height
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge regarding the special structures built of blocks
  • Ability to develop good working relationships with the co-workers
  • Ready for immediate employment
  • Ability to work with natural stone like granite and limestone and with artificial stones made of concrete and other materials

Work Experience

Block Mason, 2009 to present
Marvel Masonry Company, New York, USA

Job Duties

  • Installing blocks in a new civic building complex located downtown in Big City
  • Supervising a team of co-workers
  • Reporting to the management at the end of the week
  • Meeting quotas and goals on a daily basis
  • Surveying and repairing brick, block and stone structures
  • Cutting and shaping of stone and setting them according to the drawing and design
  • Using special solution to make the surface strain free after job completion
  • Dealing with the arising worker conflicts to find satisfactory solutions for both parties
  • Making concrete block foundations for the support of new building and homes
  • Fixing mortar joints with specific jointing tools and removing leftover mortar for neat and perfect look
  • Cutting out wrecking mortar or brick using hand tools like chisel, crowbar and hammer
  • Constructing and maintaining interior walls, exteriors of the buildings and rooms using masonry panels' casts and blocks
  • Setting up concrete blocks using special tools so that they can provide adequate support to buildings and residential homes

Apprentice Block Mason
Marvel Masonry Company, Big City, USA

Job Duties

  • Studying Block Masonry under the guidance of the leader of the group
  • Having and emphasis on walkways and building exteriors


Brennan Masonry School and Lab, Major City, USA


  • Organizing trainings for the new employees of the company
  • Becoming the leader of a group of workers

Areas of Interest

  • Special buildings
  • Structures and constructions


Charlie Stewart
Marvel Masonry Company, Big City, USA

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