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Brick Mason Resume

Brick masons are vocational professionals who build structures of brick, stone, tile, prefabricated panels or similar material structures, such as, walls, fireplaces, partitions, chimneys and so on. They need to have practical knowledge of all the materials, the necessary tools and mortar used in the construction process. A vocational schools or training program is necessary in order to qualify a brick mason and should be the first thing to mention in a brick mason resume.


Brick masons have to be very good at their job in order to be successful. They must be able to make level structures and durable work with the help of blueprints or plumb rules. Although it might seem like a simple work that needs no educational training, the fact is that brick masons need to have an insight in physics, architecture, geometry and both International and Imperial systems of units. They need to have a real talent in constructing with accuracy and the esthetic perspective of different structures and parts. Apart from this, they need a high school diploma with the mason certificate and a little experience as an apprentice. Brick masons usually work for construction companies. Their resume should note the technical training and the previous experience in the field, as well as the necessary skills and abilities for the job, such as being in a good physical shape.

Brick Mason Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Philip Carter
Birth date: 01.01.1979
Address and Contact Details: 5450 Willingham Road, Largo,
FL 453274, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 1 child
Driver's license: No


I am a member of the American Association of Vocational Professional with an apprenticeship and experience in brick mason work. I have participated in the construction of a number of public buildings and sites and have been working for private employers as well. This extensive experience has provided me the necessary skills in operating a large number of tools and equipment and constructing and repairing a variety of structures.


I wish to be a part of a competitive team of vocational professionals and participate in the construction of private and public buildings using my skills and knowledge as a brick mason.


Brick mason with experience, in search of a better career opportunity in a reliable and profitable company.


  • Dexterity in tool and equipment handling
  • Good at reading the blue print of architecture
  • Posses good technical and physics knowledge
  • Excellent Masonry techniques
  • Strong built
  • Can work in a team and give proper guidance
  • Good leadership skills
  • Computer knowledge: Basic computer literacy, blueprint, graphics and diagram applications

Work Experience:

Brick Mason, 2000-2010; Turner Construction Company, Florida


  • In charge of fabricating, repairing, altering and maintaining brick structures and surfaces
  • Determining tool and equipment requirements
  • Negotiating and advising client on the blueprints of structures
  • Improvising masonry techniques depending on the construction requirements
  • Preparing additional materials for work, such as mortar, mold and so on.

Education and Training:

Masonry Technical Training Program, Florida University
High School diploma in Technical Studies, Florida


I have completed all my masonry tasks in different public and private constructions with success and I have enjoyed the client's appreciation.

Areas of interest:

Brick masonry
Reading about new structures


Mr. Allan Black,
Manager of Turner Construction Company, Florida
Contact number: (1257) 547-897

The above brick mason resume sample is just a reference for candidates to refer before drafting an effective resume. Candidates should note that all the information listed in your resume is accurate and precise. It should also reflect your interest in this job and your aspirations as to where you would like to see yourself a few years down the line.

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