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Campground Attendant Resume

Campground attendants assist in the daily operations that include maintenance of facilities and recreational sites, making reservations and answering the guests' questions, providing directions and giving tour guides both on the premises and in the campground's regulations and policies.


All the activities that take place in the camp are monitored by campground attendants and all guest related problems are addressed by them. They have to be very professional and provide the best services for their clients and they need to have an inclination towards working with the public and handling a large number of tasks simultaneously. Campground attendants need to collaborate with the management in order to improve the camp's services and the satisfaction of the guests. A campground attendant's resume should include his or her capability to adapt to the flexible hours and work on a seasonal base, as well as public relation and interpersonal skills that are required when working in this kind of environment.

Campground Attendant Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Philip Danning
Birth date: 01.01.1986
Address and Contact Details: 95430 Walsingham Road. Largo, FL 76574, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Driver's license: Yes


I am a high school teaching assistant with available time on school holidays, willing to occupy the position of campground attendant. I am used to a flexible program and able to work long hours and assist every camp operation. I am also experienced in working with children and I have skills in managing public situations. I consider that all these qualities recommend me for the position of a campground attendant.


My objective is to obtain the position of campground attendant and use my skills and abilities in offering the best assistance and administrative services both to your guests and camp staff and facilities.


Teaching assistant with experience in working with children and availability to work on a seasonal base and flexible hours, I am applying for the position of a campground attendant.

Skills/Competencies: verbal and written communicational skills, interpersonal skills, administrative skills, sociability, multitasking skills, organized and reliable.

Computer knowledge: computer literacy

Work Experience:

Campground attendant, 2009, 2010

Lagoon Campground, Florida


  • in charge of administrating camp facilities and activities,
  • managing campground staff,
  • providing necessary information and assistance to the guests
  • participating in the interactive activities alongside children.
Teaching assistant, 2008-present

Florida Public School


  • in charge of assisting the teachers and students in the teaching and learning process,
  • handling administrative tasks and supervising the children in their extra-classroom activities.
Education and Training:

Master's in Pedagogy, Indiana University
Bachelor's Degree in Educational Sciences, Indiana University


During my years of experience I have achieved great results with children, both as a teaching assistant and as a campground attendant.

Areas of interest:

education, children, culture, recreational activities


Mrs. Gillian Taylor, Director of Florida Public School

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