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Regional Planner Resume

What are the responsibilities and obligations of the job of a regional planner? The standard obligations are: preparing development projects, preparing technical documentation to support planning and planning documentation for residential units and large territories. Regional planners with a diploma can start their own company, after they have obtained official recognition of the rights of free and professional practice.

The regional planner also prepares urban studies and supports documentation for obtaining the certificate; he will review a particular area or a site, submit proposals for obtaining the certificate of planning, will prepare plans on fencing buildings, conservation areas and so on.


The regional planners coordinate and monitor activities through which they try to provide quality environments in residential areas; they also give advice regarding long term (ten years or more) plans about the development and conservation of land for local or regional areas. Based on this, decisions can be made regarding new buildings and how they should look.

Usually, regional planners work in offices. The work environment is clean and well lit. From time to time, they visit sites in order to inspect and monitor what is happening there, or go on trips for the planning documentation.

It is clear that for a job as regional planner, one has to possess some special qualifications. Job opportunities exist and if you do not intend to start your own company, then you have to know that you can work for a federal government agency for example. All you have to do is to create a competitive resume focused on your great skills and also, refer to your ability of making maps and plans because these are vital for obtaining the job.

Regional Planner Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Mathias Anderson
Birth date: 14.03.1979
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


A regional planner is a person involved in determining the best way to use land and resources for regional development, building homes, residential areas, businesses, and recreational buildings.


To become a regional planner and to be successful by accomplishing all my duties with responsibility and in due time


Very well trained regional planner, good communicator and very efficient in accomplishing assigned duties, I am looking forward in developing more my qualities and in becoming a successful regional planner


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Responsible, efficient and dynamic
  • Good concentration ability
  • Computer skills
  • Ability to handle special equipments and to create maps and plans
Work Experience

Regional planner, New City Urban Development, Detroit, 2000-2009
Duties and responsibilities

  • Developing plans and programs for regional development
  • Preparing reports about infrastructures
  • Creating plans and documentation plans for new constructions

M.A., City Planning, Detroit University, Detroit, 1999


Become a member of the American Association of City Planners, 2004

Areas of interest

  • Regional development
  • City Planning

Mateo Vince
New City Urban Development, Detroit

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