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Rigger Resume

Riggers have a lot of tasks. They choose which pulleys, braces, booms and cables are solid enough for every job. Moreover, they have to know where to connect the chains, hooks and cables so the lifting of a load is safely done.


Becoming a rigger doesn't involve thorough education. The basics include the high school diploma or its equivalent, including high school courses in shop, plan reading, communication and mathematics. After this diploma is achieved, candidates for this profession have to undergo an apprenticeship, which is considered to be the formal form of training. There, programs are usually supervised by committees and union representatives. Apprenticeships last between 3 to 4 years and the apprentices are required to be a minimum of 18 years old.

Riggers are promoted mostly by getting higher wages. Salaries usually count on the company's geographical setting and the worker's abilities, education and experience. In addition, wages range with the individual job. Opportunities are based, somewhat, on the state of the present economy. Nevertheless, the employment prospects for riggers look generally as fair as the standard for all other US jobs throughout the year 2014. Employment possibly will decline in particular industries and zones of the country and for the reason of changes in the methods of construction.

Rigger Resume Sample


Name: Jonah Gills
Address: 132, Blue 21 Street
Blueville, US, 98765
Home: (123) 456-7890
Mobile: (123) 654-1234


Dedicated worker seeking a position as Rigger


Very gifted Rigger with over 5 years of experience in installing and assembling rigging equipment for instance, ropes, cables, winches and pulleys to lift, move, lower and position gear, steel structures and additional heavy items.


  • Vast knowledge of the details and potential of heavy construction gear to take in, but not restricted to dump trucks, backhoes, cranes, front-end loaders, etc.
  • Solid knowledge of assessment of lift capacity, including: examination of rigging load at a rescue location, evaluation of the capacities of a lift of several sorts of rigging machinery with the help of the reading of arrangement charts.
  • Outstanding knowledge of the applications of lift engineering
  • Thorough knowledge of gear upkeeping and scrutiny procedures
  • Deep knowledge of the utilization of anchoring systems
  • In-depth comprehension of the capacities of light construction gear taking in, but not restricted to, concrete saws, rotary impact drills and core drills

ABC Construction Co., Blueville, US
2005 - Present


  • Assess objects that have to be moved, approximate their shape, size and weight and settle on which sort of machinery is needed to shift them
  • Raise a short-term derrick (lifting devices) or jib if necessary, and set up pulleys, cables and additional tackle
  • Select or put together slinging gear and connect it to the attachment
  • Join together cables and ropes in order to compose tackle and slings
  • Rise steel structures for plants and buildings under construction.
  • Examine, keep up and fix equipment
  • Assure that safety needs are met all the time

High School Diploma, Blue High, Blueville, US, 2003


Available upon request

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