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Consultant Resume

A consultant is a person, who is an expert in his field of work. These individuals have gained experience and specialized skills in the particular field, which they use to guide co-workers and company management. A consultant should help in smooth completion of work, problem solving and introducing new idea that helps the business to flourish. The consultant resumes should highlight work experience, achievements, leadership and management skills. Since you are applying for a position, where you have to guide a team or make major decisions, your resume should be precise and make the right impression on the employer.


Tips to write consultant resumes are as follows:


The recruiters are looking for certain keywords in your consultant resumes. When you are drafting your resume, include keywords related to consultant field. You can include keywords such as analysis, data, improvement, ERP, marketing research, process, process mapping, activity base costing, client, business development, team, results, strategy, organizational restructuring, re-engineering, stakeholders, mergers and acquisitions, management, project management, modeling, etc. Include these keywords throughout your resume, so that the employer notices them when they go through your resume.


Your resume must appear neat and readable. The recruiter should not struggle to read your resume because of the font style or font size. Hence use the right formatting to create the right impression. Use font size and font style that is readable and professional. Entry level candidates who are applying for a job through campus recruitment need to make sure that they do not use the same resume formatting as their friends resume. It may create a wrong impression with your recruiter that you are not interested in the job. The extra efforts you take must be recognized by the recruiter.


List your key skills before you mention your work experience details. The recruiters mostly go through the skills listed and call the candidate for an interview. Hence avoid mentioning generic or irrelevant skills. Mention skills that provide information about your leadership, managerial, strategic and communication skills. Include facts and figures, so that the recruiter gets a clear idea about your achievements in the previous organization. Mention the profit gained due to the strategic decisions taken by you. You can even mention the improvement in the performance of your team under your guidance.

Work Experience:

It is an important section in your resume. If you have worked for a well-known firm, then highlight it in your consultant resumes. Recruiters are impressed by resumes that have mention of well-known firms, colleges and good grades. Work experience is mostly written in reverse chronological order. But if your last work experience was not related to consulting, then you can mention it later and begin this section with the relevant work experience. Entry-level management graduates can mention their internship details and part-time work experience details. These candidates need to make sure that they highlight only those details that are relevant to the consulting field.

Education details:

Education details must include the following details:

  • Name of the degree
  • Name of the College or University
  • Year of passing
  • Grade or Rank
  • Achievements

Do not use abbreviations when you are mentioning your course or degree name, if it is not well-known. If you have studied in a well-known college, then make sure you highlight it. Those who have a gap in their education or completed education long back can skip mentioning the year of passing. A high GPA helps to create good impression. Hence mention and highlight it in your resume. Those with less or irrelevant work experience can mention their achievement during college competitions or academic achievements.

Contact Details:

Mention clear and correct contact details so that the recruiter can call you for an interview. It must include details such as name, correspondence address, contact number and email-id.


References are provided at the end of the resume. Mention 2 to 4 references.

This website contains consultant resume samples for different fields that you can use as guideline to create unique, customized resume. For every new opening you apply rewrite your resume.

Following are the consultant sample resumes:

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