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Fitness Consultant Resume

Many people nowadays do not have a healthy lifestyle. In US, there are many overweight and obese people. This is when a fitness consultant is needed. The fitness consultants work in gyms; they implement exercise routines and programs for people in order to make them lose weight or keep fit. The fitness consultant is in charge of the well being of these people. Usually, a fitness consultant does not only teach one type of discipline, but has knowledge of many disciplines. He can teach cardio, yoga, pilates, aerobics, etc.


A fitness instructor must have some knowledge of how to administer CPR, and some anatomy knowledge. They must know how to motivate the people, and to make them want to visit the gym. The fitness consultant must have some knowledge about how dieting should work. There are also many people who do not feel comfortable about working out in public, and the fitness trainer must know how to make those clients feel good and at ease when coming to the gym.

If you think you are fit for this kind of job, then next you need a fitness consultant resume for your applications. Below, there is an example of one such resume, but change the fictitious data with your own information. You have much more chances to get the job you want with a good resume. Highlight your skills and previous experience, and you most likely get a job interview this way. Here you will find a resume that can create an impression on your employer's mind.

Fitness Consultant Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Stephen D. Medina
Address: 2100 Libby Street
Culver City, CA 90232
Phone number: 310-287-5572

Career Objective

I want to work as a fitness consultant in a gym. I want to motivate the people who come to the gym to be healthy, and therefore happy in their lives, because I think physical activity also helps keep up your good spirits.

Qualities and Skills:

  • Have good CPR knowledge
  • Have some psychology knowledge
  • Can motivate people well and efficiently
  • Know several types of disciplines and I can teach others
  • Communicate and can work well with people
  • Good organizational skills
  • Knowledge of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Strong management skills
  • Good active listening skills
  • Good in customer and personal Service
  • I am an active person, with a desire to help people in the best way that I can
  • Good knowledge of computers and its operation
  • Friendly, easy to talk to

Work Experience

Fitness trainer, Universe Gym, Ohio

  • Implemented new programs and routines for the people who come to the gym
  • Accurately document all gym related data
  • Made the activity fun
  • Motivated people to lose weight, keep fit
  • Treated each person differently based on their individual needs and problems
  • Made the people feel comfortable and at ease in the gym
  • Made sure no one feels uncomfortable during exercise and monitored the people
  • Providing information to customers about lifestyle issues, nutrition and weight control
  • Maintenance of gym equipment
  • Helping customers in the use of heat treatment and hot baths
  • Monitor participants' progress and advise various training regime as needed
  • Instructing customers about gym clothing and shoes
  • Instructing customers about proper breathing technique during training

Fitness Consultant, Prime Fitness, Ohio

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performing body massage to relieve strain, soreness and bruises
  • Performing Emergency first aid, treatment of minor disabilities
  • Designing training program for customers with special need, like pregnancy, obesity, injuries and chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Conducting group orientation
  • Promoted health club and increased revenue through membership sales and maintaining member information


  • High school diploma
  • Graduate degree in Fitness and Nutrition
  • CPR certification
  • Certification in physical fitness
  • Certification in first aid


Minnie P. Echols
Universe Gym

Adam C. Falgout
Prime Fitness

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