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Customer Service Resume

When applying for customer service job, you must send a clear, precise, well-written resume. For a customer service job, you need communication skills, interpersonal skills and expertise in the domain you work. Make sure you include all the above points, when you draft your customer service resumes.

Customer service jobs are available in various domains such as airlines, banks, telecom, recovery and procurement. Customize your resume according to the domain and the job profile you are applying for. Research about the company and the job profile you are interested in before you start drafting your resume.


Formatting tips for customer service resumes:

The length of the resume should be ideally one page, maximum limit is two pages. If the details do not fit in one page, then continue them on second page. Include the contact details on both the pages. You can mention them in the header of the resume.

Use professional font such as times new roman, arial, tahoma or calibri. Do not use cursive or other artistic fonts. Maintain same font size throughout the resume. Font size should be 11 or 12.
To highlight important points in your resume use bold, italic or underline. The recruitment team has few seconds to read your resume. Hence it is essential to highlight important points.

Various sections that must be included in a customer service resumes are as follows:

Contact details: Following contact details must be included in the resume.

  • Complete name
  • Postal address for correspondence
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Job Objective:

The job objective should indicate the designation you are interested in. Avoid writing a generic customer service job objective. It must be specific to the field. Those applying for a job in the airlines industry can write their job objective as follows: Looking for job in the airline industry as senior customer service executive to utilize my customer service, risk and crisis management skills that I have gained though my work experience as customer service executive at XYZ organization.


Mention your key skills before you mention your professional experience details. It will help you grasp the attention of the employer. List the skills using bullet points. If you are applying for a job, where you are supposed to take calls and communicate with the customer over the phone, mention about your telephone etiquettes. If you have attended any generalized training that is basic requirement for the job you are applying for, then mention it in the resume.

Certain job profiles such as airline agent need candidates who are multi-linguistic and can easily communicate in various local and global languages. When you are applying for such jobs, mentioning your multi-linguistic skills would be beneficial for you. Mention the list of languages you know. Your proficiency to read, speak and write them. Some companies have different shift timing, where the agents are asked to work in rotating shifts. Mention in your resume that you are comfortable to work in shifts.

Computer Proficiency:

Today, all job profiles need knowledge of computer. In the customer service job, you need knowledge of computer to keep track of customer data and generate reports. Mention the list of softwares, operating system and tools that you can use. Mention your proficiency level in using them. If the job profile requires you to know any softwares specific to the field, then mention if you have used them in your previous job or learned them during any part-time course or are ready to learn it.

Professional experience:

Start the work experience section with the details of the work experience in the customer service field. It is important to mention these details in reverse chronological order. Provide the name of the company, your designation, tenure at the company, and list your role and responsibilities.

Education details: List your educational details starting with the most recent one, followed by the rest

Training: Those who have undergone specialized training can mention these details in their resume

The customer service resumes must highlight your communication skills, interpersonal skills and professional experience. Make sure you go through your resume and get rid of any errors before sending it to the employer.

Following are the customer service sample resumes:

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