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When you are applying for a job, you are supposed to have a professional approach. Resume is a document that contains all your professional details that help the recruiter to judge, if you are the right candidate. It is important to make the right impression to get a call for an interview. Whether you are applying through references or through college placement, you are supposed to send a resume and cover letter. Collate information related to your education, work experience, achievements, skills and contact details before you start writing your designer resumes. There are several designer job profiles in various field such fashion, interior designing and technical field.


Designer resume for fashion field:

As a fashion designer you have a creative job profile. Do not limit your resume to basic details such as educational information and work experience details. Add the details of the skills you have gained through your internship and professional work. Mention the name of high profile clients or firms you worked for. Such details must be highlighted in your resume. List your achievements in the fashion industry. Mention the details of your participation in various fashion shows and your range of clothing line that received appreciation. In the job objective section of the resume, include the job profile you are looking for.

Designer resume for interior designing field:

When you are drafting a resume for the post of an interior designer, highlight your skills. Mention your work experience details in reverse order. Start with the recent company you worked for. If you are a freelance interior designer, then begin with the details of your recent project. Provide the details of projects that you have designed. List the themes that you have created. You may even include the various customized designs that you have created with a limited or lavish budget. Education details must be listed below the professional experience details.

Designer resume for IT field:

In the technical field there are various designer jobs such as data warehouse designer, database designer and many more. When you are applying for a technical job, the recruiters are looking for technical skills in your resume. After writing contact details and job objective, list you technical and interpersonal skills. Highlight those roles and responsibilities that would be essential for the job you are applying. The work experience must be writing in backward order. Start with the recent job details. Mention the details of your role in the project you undertook. If you worked for a well-known client, then mention it in your resume.

Highlight your designing experience in the resume. Mention the list of certifications you have successfully completed. Most recruiters are looking for technical skills, work experience and certification details in a resume for technical job. Send a cover letter with your resume when you are applying for any job.

Other designer resumes:

Other resumes on this site are for professionals, who work as industrial or commercial designer. These candidates are experts in their field and help the company with designing its structure or projects, which leads to overall development of the company.

Essential parts of a resume:

  • Contact details: Include the contact details such as your name, correspondence and permanent address, contact number and email-id in the header of each page of the resume
  • Job Objective: For entry-level candidates, it is important to mention your job objectives. Candidates with work experience can skip this section and highlight their skills.
  • References: You can either provide reference on request or provide the contact details of two to four referees from your previous work places. Fresh graduates can mention references from their college or university.
  • Professional experience: List the name of the organizations you worked for and your roles and responsibilities
  • Education details: List the education details in reverse order. Mention your academic and extra-curricular achievements. Those who have high grades or ranks should mention them in their resume.

The several designer resumes listed on this site can be referred, when you draft your resume. Highlight your skills and important projects in your resume. Read your resume twice and get rid of any spelling or grammar mistakes. Your resume should create the right impression.

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