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Data Warehouse Designer Resume

If the job of a data warehouse designer intrigues you and you want to find out more about it, keep on reading. In the next lines, you will learn about the tasks, duties, skills and studies relevant for this position and about the way in which your resume should be written.

A data warehouse is an important system which, once implemented in an enterprise or large business company, facilitates access to any data recording through daily activities and business operations. The system first collects data from different data sources of daily processes into a centralized "warehouse", from which it can later be accessed by the members of the organization in an integrated form that implies a process of abstraction.


A data warehouse designer is an information technology expert with knowledge in implementing business IT solutions in large companies. He or she has the primary task of designing the data warehouse and its major components and performing maintenance and functional operations on a daily bases. They have to make sure that the data storage, integration and access work are proper at any moment and that the system maintains its integrity.

Their daily tasks include data structure design, security, documentation, data mapping, data definition, account maintenance, data integrity and users' support. Any problem occurring in the functioning of the system must be addressed by data warehouse designers in a timely manner in order not to imperil data and data availability.

The resume of a data warehouse designer needs to underline the IT knowledge and technical abilities, the ability of working with applications such as Oracle, Data Base Administrators, OIT System Administrators and so on, and the capacity to handle and finalize any troubleshooting situation.

Data Warehouse Designer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Robert Bent
Birth date: 11.11.1985
Phone: (202) 502-67546
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Driver's license: Yes


My objective is to offer my services to renowned business that rise challenging difficulties in data management and use my knowledge and skills to improve business information systems and help companies increase their productivity and profitability.


Data warehouse designer with experience in Business Information Systems and data management.


  • IT knowledge
  • technical knowledge
  • familiarity with data warehouse designing, troubleshooting, repairing and adjusting
  • interpersonal and communicational skills
  • business inclination
Computer knowledge:
  • Strong computer literacy
  • Proficiency in Corel, Business Information Systems, ETL tools, Query/Report tools, IT architecture and implementation
Work Experience:

Data Warehouse Designer, 2007-2011
Crystal Business Company, Washington


  • Designing, implementing, developing, troubleshooting and repairing data management systems, data warehouse components and IT business architecture
  • Monitoring performance and making adjustments according to the business needs
Education and Training:

Master's in Business Information Systems, Washington University
Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, Washington University

Areas of interest:

IT, computers, technology, business IT solutions and data management


Mr. David Sink,
Manager of Crystal Business Company,

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