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Gift Wrapper Resume

Whenever we want to give a present to somebody we must make sure that it has a catchy look and the person we will give it will be pleased with the contents of the present. But what can we do when we do not know how to wrap a gift? The solution is easy, and it does not cost that much. After we buy the item we want, we pay an extra small amount of money to the cashier so that he or she wraps the gift in a beautiful way and there you go, an attractive present for our loved ones.


We all feel happy and excited when we receive a gift. A childlike curiosity creeps into us when we are presented a gift. The colorful gift wrappers, wrapped in different shapes and sizes, make the receiver curious to guess what the gift is. Some wrappers easily give us a clue as what is inside; while in some other cases we get know only after taking off the last piece of paper. It all depends upon the talent of the gift wrapper. A gift wrapper resume should be drafted in such a way that all the needed and demanded skills are clearly written and visible to the reader.

Working as a gift wrapper means that you may assist the customer to select the perfect wrapping materials such as ribbons, bows, tape or gift-wrapping paper. You will have to know how to wrap all sorts of things using different methods such as positioning the items in a machine that rotates the article and makes your work much easier. Moreover, you may persuade your clients into donating small donations for different causes. Remember to make sure that every customer is pleased with your work.

In order to apply for any job, you must have a correct and accurate resume. Remember that your resume represents you thus make sure that everything is crystal clear. Here is an example of a resume for this kind of work place. You have to take care to see that you do not make any errors in the resume that may prove bad, like; most importantly details regarding dates and contact numbers.

Personal Details

Name: John Smith
Address: 2nd Pepper Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phone: 890 293 5031
Date: January 24, 2012

Career Objective

To become a gift wrapper and to prove that I have the necessary skills for this job is very important. Working as a gift wrapper can be a chance to prove that I have the necessary skills in order to make beautifully wrapped presents. This job will help me develop my talent and my imagination. I am looking forward to developing my skills and learning new things and new wrapping techniques.

Qualities and Skills

  • Positive attitude and the ability regarding the given tasks
  • Exceptional ability to establish and maintain relationships with the other members
  • Excellent communication skills with the clients
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Professional and sociable
  • Respecting and maintaining the health and hygiene regulations
  • Flexibility in the working schedule

Work Experience

Gift Wrapper, Panda Toy Store, Texas, 2007–2010

Duties and responsibilities

  • Working at fast pace in a highly demanding environment
  • Deal with the complaints of the customers
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with the other staff members


Bachelor's degree, University of Texas


  • Dealt and resolved all the complaints in the best way possible
  • Achieved experience in the wrapping domain
  • Developed skills regarding wrapping gifts and other things such as wrapping Christmas gifts according to certain guidelines

Areas of interest

  • Handcraft
  • Customer Service

References Helen Firewood
Toy Store Manager
Email address:

Other personal details

  • Birth date: 15/12/1981
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Driver's License: No

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