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Orthotic Resume

Orthotics are professionals who make and design shoe inserts, braces and other corrective devices to support the limbs or spine weakened by injury or illness. They usually start from prescriptions written by physicians, in order to design the specialized devices for their patients. Most of the times, Orthotics collaborate closely with the attending physicians, so that they can coordinate the fitting and creation of the device.


Orthotics have patients who need correction or support due to bone or muscle impairment or deformity. Before they design the devices, they must test range of motion and muscle strength and observe how a patient walks. When measuring stumps or limbs, they use tools, like for example tapes, rulers and calipers. In order to manufacture a perfectly fitting device, matching the unique needs of the patient, an Orthotic must note all pertinent details with accuracy.

First, Orthotics may make a model or cast to work on. Then, they make a tentative blueprint for the devices, after drawing a layout. The next step is selecting materials for each orthotics that will match the needs of the patient. The materials used can be aluminum, steel, fabric, plastics, foam, wood, leather or fiberglass, but also carbon graphite. In the making process, the Orthotic must consider the weight, height and activities of the patients. After finishing the device, Orthotics will see the patients for several fittings, when they demonstrate the use of the device.

Orthotics are usually required to have a bachelor's degree, a bachelor of science in orthotics or a bachelor of arts in a similar field. For those who donss't have a degree in orthotics, after college, they must complete a certificate program for a year.

Orthotic Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Bianca Stevens
Birth Date: 14 May 1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking to fill the challenging position of an Orthotic in your esteemed organization where I can put my skills and experience to optimal use.

Education and Professional Training

Bachelor of Arts in orthotics from the Phoenix College, Phoenix, Arizona in 2000


  • Vast expertise in fabricating orthotics for patients
  • Remarkable ability to innovate new technologies, in the process of devising and designing orthotics, in order to ensure maximum comfort for the patients
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills

Professional Experience

2005-Present date: Orthotic for Sunflower Rehabilitation Institute, Phoenix, Arizona
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Devising and designing orthotics for patients with disabilities
  • Conducting tests on orthotics to make sure of the functionality and making adjustments when necessary
  • Determining the type of orthotics to be fabricated and the required materials
  • Planning and designing the dimensions of parts, using templates and precision measuring instruments
  • Fabricating parts of orthotics with the help of hand cutting tools and a cutting machine
  • Testing orthotics for functionality and comfort of the device

2000-2002: Orthotics technician for Pleasant Hood Rehabilitation Center, Phoenix, Arizona
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Facilitating the modification, fabrication, maintenance and repair of braces and various rehabilitative support components and equipment
  • Modifying orthotic appliances to provide the optimal fit
  • Taking exact measurement for every patient before making orthotic devices
  • Developing and devising orthotics for the comfort of the patients and making adjustments when necessary

Member of the National Association of Orthotics and Prosthetists

Areas of interest


Available upon request.

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