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Director Resume

A director is in charge of managing and coordinating various teams or units. Managing director of a company is a designation in the higher hierarchy of the organization. A managing director is selected by the internal staff. In academics, films or corporate world, you will find persons holding the director's job. Whether you are applying for the post of film director or for internal selection of managing director, you are expected to send a well-written resume. The director resumes are divided into various sections such as contact details, job objective, work experience, education details, achievements, skills and references. You need to highlight different sections of the resume as per the job requirement.


Points to remember when you are drafting resume for director jobs are as follows:

Director resumes for corporate world jobs:

When you are applying for the post of managing director through internal recruitment, you need to highlight your professional expertise and achievements. When you are drafting the resume, mention your contact details in header, followed by professional achievements so that the selection team can easily read those details. Mention the professional experience, skills, and education details below the professional achievements. You can skip the job objective section as you have several years of work experience and are applying for an internal promotion. Those candidates who are applying for the post of executive director or any other directorial position in an organization need to highlight the duties they performed during their previous jobs. For example: planning, research, personnel, property management, communications, recordkeeping or booking keeping. Also mention a separate section to highlight your communication and interpersonal skills. Provide examples about how you coordinated with your team and co-workers. Mention details about how you convinced the clients and have gained profits for the organization.

Director resumes for job in films:

In film direction, the production house is looking for candidate with relevant professional experience. There is no particular educational requirement. Hence mention your work experience details before your education details. You can highlight your responsibilities during your previous job such as safety management, production supervision and pre-production preparation. Those applying for assistant director position need to mention details of how you coordinated the shoot and helped in it smooth completion.

Provide examples about how you managed difficult situations such as ill health of an actor or problems due to weather changes or major technical problems that would affect the shooting schedule. Candidates applying for film director's position need to mention the details of the previous work. You can either mention the name of films, short films or ads (if they are well-known) or you can send a soft copy of these films or ads along with the resume.

Director resumes for job in academics:

A director in the academics field is responsible for coordinating and managing of staff, students, parents, social workers, trustees and visitors, etc. Mention your skills at the top of the resume below the contact details. Mention your professional and interpersonal skills necessary for the job. Most employers are looking for candidates with education in child psychology. Hence, mention your education details and highlight any course related to teaching or psychology. Candidates with good academic record can mention the academic performance in the resume.

Various director resumes samples on this website, can be used to draft unique resumes as per different job requirements. Your resume should include other section such as contact details and references. In the contact details section, mention your full name, residential address, city, state, phone number and professional email-id. You can either mention these details in header of the word document or left indent these details. The references are provided at the bottom of the resume. It includes contact information of reference from your previous organization. These details are provided so that the employer does not face any problem during background verification. Use simple, professional formatting to draft your resume.

Following are the director sample resumes:

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