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Commission For The Blind Director Resume

An executive position in the Commission for the Blind of any state comes with considerable responsibilities towards helping blind and visually impaired people better integrate in society, whether it is through employment or through independent living. This is the reason why the resume of an incumbent applying for this position needs to emphasize all the knowledge, skills and qualifications required in handling this delicate matter, managing a large number of subordinates and facilitating choices and decisions meant to affect the entire community.


Usually the position is acquired through internal promotion or through recognized experience in the field, so the resume should be achievement oriented. Skills necessary to be included in the resume are those of managing, organizing and planning programs and events, as well as familiarity in working with important public institution.

Sample Commission For The Blind Director Resume

Personal Details
Name: Bill Manson
Birth date: 01.12.1979
Address and Contact Details: 745 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 98564
Phone: 000.000.0000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: Yes


I am an attorney with extensive experience in the field of social services, working for the Department of Human Services of Oregon for the last 5 years. I have obtained great results as an assistant to the Commission for the Blind Director and have been involved in significant programs for blind and visually impaired social and occupational integration. My skills recommend me for the position of Commission for the Blind Director.


I am determined in designing and implementing with the help of specialists and of the community strong vocational and training programs that can offer to this social segment the opportunity not only to function normally on a daily basis but also to obtain high performances in working positions and skill oriented situations.


Assistant to the Commission for the Blind Director, with legal professional background and demonstrated results in the field of social services, applying for the position of Commission for the Blind Director.


  • Organizational, administrative and managerial skills
  • Interpersonal and communicational abilities
  • Strong familiarity with duties and responsibilities implied by a social service position
  • Ability to understand the factors and principles implicated in providing services to the blind and visually impaired
  • Ability to collaborate with the community, with non-profit organizations and public institutions for designing comprehensive integration programs
  • Ability to coordinate and monitor large numbers of subordinates and to assign duties
  • Ability to work within the budget

Computer knowledge:
Strong computer literacy

Work Experience:

Assistant to the Commission of the Blind Director

  • Assisted the director in creating, implementing and directing programs and activities in order to facilitate vocational and social integration
  • Directed activities of subordinates in training programs, social programs, vocation and skills programs and so on
  • Maintained contact with other institutions and civic groups and supported programs and services for the blind
  • Represented the Commission in public interventions and conferences
  • Managed administrative and clerical tasks

Education and Training:

Master's Degree in Social Assistance, North Oregon University
Bachelor's Degree in Law, North Oregon University


Helped the successful completion of a large number of social programs for the blind

Areas of interest:

  • Law,
  • History,
  • Animals

Available upon request

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