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Community Health Nursing Director Resume

A nurse has many duties and tasks they need to fulfill every day, and a director has even more duties. This is a very tiring job, and not everyone is fit to become a nurse. Those that do, find it very rewarding because they are in charge and can help sick people every day. The nurses are changing the patient's life by making them better, just like doctors. A nurse director, however, also needs to be in charge of the administration side of the medical facility. She has to do the recruiting job (hiring new nurses, staff), do all the legal paperwork, answer phones, letters and emails. The nurse director sets up the other nurses schedules and makes sure everything is done according to the rules of the facility. So it is always advised that while making community health nurse director resume, make sure to mention the great administrative skills you posses and the number of years of experience in nursing field.


To apply for this job, you first need a well-written resume to start with. You can use this resume template in your application for director nurse. It is only a basic resume example; you need to add everything else you think is important, and can help you get the job.

Community Health Nursing Director Resume Sample

Personal Details:
Name: Veronica Mars
Address: Manhattan 541, New York
Phone: 404-555-4454

Career Objective

Seeking the position of a nurse director where my professional experience and skills will contribute towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization.

Summary of Skills

  • Very good communication skills with the patient
  • Very strong leadership skills, can handle a team of many people
  • Management abilities
  • Can pay attention to many details at once
  • Work well with computers and have administration knowledge
  • Very good psychology skills
  • Knowledge of public health nursing practice
  • Strong, and resistant to stress and to stress factors
  • Knowledge of management information systems
  • Problem solver
  • In depth knowledge of state, federal and local health related laws and regulations, and documentation requirements
Professional Experience

Nurse, hospital of flowers, Kansas.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted the patients with the daily tasks
  • Assisted the medics in the daily rounds
  • Administered medicine, shots and vaccines
  • Responsibility of on average 40 patient a month
  • Kept the work area clean and organized
  • Organized various events for the patients, outside the facility
  • Motivated the patients to want to get better
  • Talked with the families about the patient's condition and various other things
Senior Nurse, City Community Hospital, Texas.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Administer patient medication and dosage
  • Capable to maintain records and accumulate data in meaningful form
  • Supervise hospital employees
  • Supervise paperwork on a regular basis to make sure they comply with standard laws and regulations
  • Participate in wellness application conference regularly
  • Educate patients about sickness and prevention
  • Perform auditing for quality improvement projects
  • Evaluate performance of medical support staff
  • Supervise and coordinated the activities of nursing personal
  • Supervise duty assignment of nursing personnel
  • Manage staff issues
  • Train of new joined nurses
  • Assist in planning of educational programs for nurses
  • Assess community needs, planned and implemented programs to meet these needs
Education Summary

  • Achieved High school diploma, Matson High
  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Kansas University, Kansas
  • Associate diploma in Nursing and patient handling
  • Certification in science of nursing


Nursing license, Hospital of Kansas
Psychology classes


  • Nursing Society, Coordinator
  • Action Aid, Volunteer Administrative Coordinator
  • North American Nurse Manager Society
  • National Nursing Association


References are available upon request

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