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Crematorium Director Resume

A crematorium director resume may not be written in the same way in which the others are written. The skills and qualifications that you post in your resume should be in complete relevance to the post. This will never be a very pleasant occupation to have, because it deals with death every day, but somebody has to do it since dying is a part of life. Cremation is a different way of disposing of the remains of a dead person, and it is a practice used in some parts of the world ever since the beginning of humanity. The crematorium director is usually the person in charge of the crematorium and usually has few employees, thus meaning he has to do more tasks. The individual should work closely with the families needing or wanting his or her services and will be in charge of all the details regarding the process. There might be families which will prefer taking care of the whole funeral process, but will need a crematorium. In these situations, the director should offer all the support he can and facilitate the process. It is a delicate situation and the more understanding the crematorium director has towards the grieving ones, the more appreciated he (or she) will be and the more customers there will be.


Focus your resume on past experiences as a director or general manager for the best chances for an interview. The resume must contain the personal information without which you cannot get contacted. The goal must be stated in a clear manner, so that the human resources person will know what position you applied for. Of course, you need to have at least a high school diploma or an equivalent, and some training in this field of activity. In this profession you have to possess some rare skills that might not be required in some other fields. Hence it is very necessary to mention those skills in your resume so that you do not miss out any good opportunities. In the sample resume given below you can see how such a resume should be drafted. It is very important to keep your resume mess-free and reader friendly. The reader must be able to find easily what he wants to find.

Crematorium Director Resume Sample

Contact Data

Name: John Smith
Home Address: 777 Wisteria Street, 24578,
North Kansas City, Missouri
Email Address:
Phone Number: 555 1245
Date: January 21, 2012

Career Objective

To secure the job of a Crematorium Director.


  • Wonderful communication skills
  • Proven managerial abilities
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Work experience

Crematorium Technician, any crematorium, any city, any state, 20xx–20zz Duties and Responsibilities

  • Making sure that the person to be cremated was the right one
  • Removing from the deceased person any battery machines, bypasses, jewels and any other items that would be dangerous when exposed to fire before the cremation
  • Maintained good relations with every person involved and participating in the funeral, for as long as the funeral lasts
  • Preparation of the chapel for the funeral service according to the religion of the person and their family
  • Packing the ashes
  • Followed the safety and health regulations imposed by the law
  • Team Manager, any company, any city, state, 20xx–20zz

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managed a team of over 20 people
  • Selected, hired and trained everybody under my management
  • Managed resources valued at US$ 200,000
  • Reviewed and supervised the work
  • Fired personnel when the rules were being broken
  • Wrote recommendation letters for those transferring to other departments


  • High school diploma, Westenra High, North Kansas City, Missouri, 2000
  • Bachelor's degree in Communications, Strobee University, North Kansas City, Missouri, 2001–2001

Areas of interest

  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Skiing
  • Watching plays


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