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Food and Beverage Director Resume

If you ever thought of working as a food and beverage director you must know that this job includes a lot of responsibilities. Most of these directors work in hotels, resorts or restaurants. As a director, you must have leadership skills because you have to know how to manage the staff members. Moreover, you have to possess great communication skills because you will have to make everything clear for your team.


When it comes to the responsibilities of a food and beverage director, you will be in charge of purchasing the merchandise that the cuisine needs. In order to purchase the goods, you will have to discuss the list with the head chef to make sure all the merchandise is correct. Remember that the menu for the restaurant of the hotel you work for depends on this purchase; from food to the wine and other items, the menu in order needs to be complete. Secondly, as a director, you will have to hire new employees when needed. In addition, you will have to train new staff members and make sure they know what they have to do and that they respect all the safety and health regulations. These are just some work that a food and beverage director has to handle, but if you have a passion for cuisine and the necessary experience in this industry you will make a fine director.

If you want to work as a food and beverage director you need to write a good resume. Here is a sample resume for this kind of job.

Food And Beverage Director Sample Resume

Personal Details
Name: Lawrence Williams
Birth date: 13.05.1979
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Driver's License: Yes


Nowadays every customer is important and we must respect his/her opinion and try to make everything so he or she can be satisfied. We must take into consideration the needs and preferences. In this field of activity, it is very important to respect and treat your clients in the best way possible, because this is the way to succeed in this domain.


To work as a food and beverage director in your hotel. I am positive that my work experience will be helpful for your hotel and the field I would work in.


In my opinion, I have a vast knowledge and a lot of experience in which concerns the customer service domain. Working as a food and beverage director will help me develop and help learn new things.

Qualities and Skills

  • Positive and friendly attitude
  • Hardworking and trustworthy person
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal as well as written
  • Ability to work in stressful condition
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to supervise and train a team
  • Very good control of the English language

Work Experience

Food and Beverage Assistant Director, Noir Restaurant, 2006-2009
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Dealt with the customers' complaints
  • Solved problems and complaints
  • Assisting the director in his daily activities
  • Maintained contact with the press
  • Made sure that the safety and health regulations were respected


Bachelor's Degree in PR, University of Illinois
First Aid Certificate
Certificate for Advanced learners in French and Spanish


Dealt with various client complaints and solved it
Obtained great results when dealing with diverse problems
Handled challenges in a professional way

Areas of interest

  • Public Relations
  • Management
  • Customer Service


Lauren Green
Food and Beverage Director
Noir Restaurant, Chicago

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