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Outpatient Services Director Resume

The position of director for a medical institution requires not only strong medical skills that make it possible for the director to understand and effectively handle medical operations, procedures, staff and resources. Administrative, accounting and practical skills and competencies are also necessary, because the major part of the work of a outpatient services director involves analyzing practical aspects of the work of all the clinic's departments, establishing schedules, budgets, costs, writing reports, keeping records, collaborating with local institutions and suppliers and so on.


This particular combination of tasks requires that the resume of an outpatient services director includes the medical training and significant experience in a supervisory and managerial position. Administrative skills are as important as the ability to interpret medical performance and recommend medical strategies or oversee medical operations, procedures and treatments.

Outpatient Services Director Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Linda Shepperd
Birth date: 15.07.1977
Address and Contact Details:44 Valley Street, Houston, TX
Phone: 888.888.8888
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Driver's license: Yes


As an outpatient medical specialist of our clinic I have been offered the opportunity to demonstrate my medical and administrative abilities. I am strongly qualified to handle the large variety of tasks implied by the position of outpatient services director, being able to understand all the hospital procedures, medical or administrative, and the clinic's goals and ability to use its resources in order to obtain them.


My objective is to perform excellent work as a director and help outpatients receive the best medical and health care services possible. I wish to implement the best medical, administrative and financial strategies in order to perform high-standard services and become the number one outpatient clinic in our region.


Outpatient medical specialist, with demonstrated professional qualifications, applying for the position of outpatient services director.


  • Medical knowledge and experience
  • Diagnosis and treatment experience
  • Familiarity with hospital procedures and regulations
  • Ability to perform administrative duties
  • Ability to supervise medical staff and recommend better utilizations of services, facilities and human resources
  • Ability to collaborate with other hospital departments for ensuring perfect outpatient services
  • Ability to prepare budgets and handle supplies and equipment issues
  • Organizational and interpersonal abilities
Computer knowledge:

Intermediate computer literacy

Work Experience:

Outpatient services medical specialist, 2004-present


  • In charge of handling outpatient medical procedures, diagnosis and minor treatments,
  • Scheduling patients, consultations and investigations,
  • Recommending course of action, discharges or admissions,
  • Using special investigatory medical equipment,
  • Performing nursing tasks when needed,
  • Keeping records and filling medical charts,
  • Assisting the administrative staff
  • Recommending changes or improvements in services, facilities and procedures.

Education and Training:

Master's Degree in Urology, North Shepherd University Bachelor's Degree in General Medical Science, North Shepherd University


As an outpatient medical services provider I have obtained the best results in addressing every in-coming medical problem

Areas of interest:

  • Medicine,
  • Pharmacology,
  • Sports

Available upon request

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