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Transportation Director Resume

A director of transportation occupies the position through internal promotion in a specific company. Therefore, he or she is usually familiarized with the set of tasks and responsibilities that have to be managed. However, there are additional trainings necessary, since the position of director refers to such a large variety of skills.


Strategic planning, strategic sourcing, account, staff and customer services management, business planning and financial projecting and negotiation all these domains have to be seriously taken into consideration when applying for the job of the director of transportation. The resume of a transportation director should be very carefully composed and include an extensive list of skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience. Previous experience in the position of a director of transportation is a great advantage, since the job requires handling many different tasks and departments and it implies serious responsibilities. A keen business sense is very important for proving worthiness in such a position, because achievements usually refer to increased profitability and reduced costs.

Transportation Director Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Jane Caterpiller
Birth date: 16.05.1973
Address and Contact Details: 156 Cherry St, Miami, FL 06840, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: Yes


I have occupied the position of administrator in charge for five years in the company and I am seeking to develop my career into a more complex position that requires complex responsibility attending and which can help me improve my professional skills. I consider myself to be highly qualified and have a serious insight in the administrational and managerial activities of the company in order to best utilize my skills and knowledge in the position of the director of transportation. I also have a number of new ideas related to the improvement of the company's services and financial potential.


My objective is to occupy the position of director of transportation in our company and offer my extensive knowledge and exercised skills in the field in order to increase profitability alongside with the quality of the services we offer.


Administrator in charge since 2005, I wish to develop myself in new and more demanding work positions and to offer my support, fidelity and passion in representing the company.


strategic and critical thinking, highly organized, leadership qualities, professional representation of the company, capacity to establish excellent customer relations and negotiate favorable opportunities, commercial driver's license, knowledge in required fields (managements, finance, human resources, business, customer services, etc.)

Computer knowledge: Microsoft Office, Windows, Linux, special applications

Work Experience:

Human Resources Manager, 1993-2005
BLD Company, Miami, FL

Responsibilities: in charge of handling human resources tasks, personnel related aspects and issues, staff training programs, hiring and lay-offs, interviews, insurance plans and related issues, motivational strategies and mediation of professional conflicts.

Administrator in charge, 2005-present
BLD Company, Miami, FL

Responsibilities: evaluating the transportation staff and monitoring performances, assuring compliance with state and local regulations, managing documentation and reports, investigating work accidents and incidents and establishing favorable staff, client and public relations

Education and Training:

Master's in Management and Budget Planning, Florida University
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Florida University


I have successfully deployed my job as a human resources manager and administrator in charge, with verifiable results and I have contributed to the development of the company.

Areas of interest:

Business, administration, human resources, transportation, management


Mr. Carl East,
Commercial Vehicle Department,
BLD Company,
Miami, FL

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