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Driver Resume

A driver is a professional who drives a commercial or non commercial vehicle. The driver is responsible for carrying goods and people from one place to another. A resume of a driver will not be different from the resume of a manager in terms of formatting. The basic format of a resume is given below. You can make changes in this format as per your requirement. The driver resumes should be drafted considering the candidates proficiency in driving vehicles and work experience.



Mention your full name and address with contact number on the top of the resume. Do not use color or any fashionable font.


Write your key skills i.e. the qualities that you possess in this section. Write those using bullet points. Avoid long sentences.

  • Punctual
  • Quick planner
  • Excellent communication abilities

Educational qualifications

The educational background should include name of the school, college you attended with the year of passing. If you had studied any special subjects, mention those. If you have completed any certifications, mention those with the name of the organization, the year of the course attended and the duration of the course.

Professional experiences

Write the professional experience details in a reverse chronological order. Lay emphasis on the recent jobs. Mention the job responsibilities using bullet points.


Provide any two references with the full name, current employment status, and contact number and address. Be sure that the people you mention know you personally. The company you are applying for may call them to judge your authenticity.

Personal details

Include your name, date of birth, marital status, job profile and contact number in this section. Never include your religion, political and sexual preferences in your resume. It creates a negative impact about you.

Apart from the format there are some other things that are to be remembered in writing driver resumes. These are as follows:

  • The essential requirements in a drivers resumes are the license type, validity and date of issue. Mention this in bold at the top, after your name
  • Understanding of auto mechanics and ability to fix mechanical fault is also necessary
  • Write about your decision making capability when it comes to planning and crisis period
  • Do not forgot to mention your knowledge about road networks and rules and regulations of traffic system
  • Awareness of industry regulations should also be mentioned in your resume
  • Mention the total number of years in driving industry. You can mention this in skills sections
  • The resume should not be too long or too short
  • The resume should reflect on your positive aspects like your strengths, achievements
  • The titles in the resume should be attention seeking

The formatting your driver resumes should be simple and neat. It is essential that you make use of professional font style. Use bold and underline to highlight data in your resume. Never use colored font or bright highlight to emphasize important details in your resume. Send a cover letter along with your resume. It is important that the formatting of both these documents should be similar. You can include the contact details in the header of the document as it gives your resume a professional look. Make sure that you include alternate contact number, if you are going to change your contact number during the recruitment process.

Remember that the resume is not a self appraisal form. True that you have to mention and highlight your achievements to get selected, but do not give your driver resumes a snobbish look. Never exaggerate or underestimate yourself. It is important that you do not provide any false information in your resume. Most recruiters do background verification. Thus, mentioning false details may lead to loss of your job opportunity. Once you have drafted your resume read it several times, to get rid of all the spelling, grammar and typographic errors.

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