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Ambulance Driver Resume

When having the intention to apply for a certain job, a good idea would be to take into consideration the requirements of the employer regarding the respective opportunity. Those requirements should be present in the resume under the form of professional experience or personal skills and abilities. The resume should highlight the key skills and responsibilities of the potential employee with his present and/or previous employers and which will effectively contribute to the health care services of the organization offering the employment opportunity.


Becoming an ambulance driver can be one of the many careers that one could be looking for.

Employers' Requests

Besides the driver's license, which is compulsory for a job as an ambulance driver, some employers may request a special course, certification or qualifications as ambulance driver. The potential driver has to know well the city and must be an organized, dynamic and responsible person.

An ambulance driver resume should mention and focus on the applicant's experience, driving record and qualifications; e.g.: certified driver with training in emergency medicine.

An important point in the job description of an ambulance driver that should be also found in his/her resume (in the "professional experience" - tasks section), is transporting victims to a medical facility. As an ambulance driver, one needs to use driving knowledge and skills in order to avoid sudden motions that could cause damage to the patient's condition.

Qualifications and Skills

When it comes to qualifications that should be mentioned in an ambulance driver's resume, one could list the following: certified and trained driver, knowledge about safety and preventive measures, ability to handle medical emergencies, very good communication skills, etc.

Another ability worth mentioning in an ambulance driver's resume could be: accuracy in driving, ability to work over-hours, attention and excellent judgment skills, physically fit and emotionally resilient, excellent customer service skills and ability to work under pressure, ability to respond effectively in case of emergency situations, good skills for working with a team and with the public, well organized person and with excellent interpersonal skills.

Any work one has done in health care, medical or community services should be included in an ambulance driver's resume; e.g.: volunteer work at any emergency services agency. Also, any related certifications, awards or other achievements should be added to one's resume in order to have real chances to get an ambulance driver job.


References would be an important detail to mention in an ambulance driver's resume; they could make a difference between the author's application and the others'.

Ambulance Driver Sample

Name: David Adams
Address: 48 Grand Street
Caliornia, USA.

Career Objective:

Certified driver, trained in emergency medicine, looking for a position as an Ambulance Driver.

Work Experience:

2007 - present

Public Hospital Ambulance Driver

Main Tasks:

  • Reaching the place of medical emergencies as early as possible
  • Identifying and looking after the needs of the victim
  • Transporting the victim
  • Assisting the medical staff during the emergency medical intervention
  • Transporting injured, sick or convalescent patients to and from the hospital
  • Administering first aid when required
  • Reporting fact records on accidents and/or emergencies to law enforcement officials and to the hospital personnel
  • Regularly checking the ambulance for adequate supplies and proper functioning of equipments
  • Performing minor vehicle maintenance

Vocational Nursing School, Illinois

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