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Amusement Park Ride Attendant Resume


Many think that working in an amusement park should be easy and it usually is, however for the ride attendants it is a job full of responsibilities, because they are responsible for the safety of those going on the ride. The ride attendant needs to make sure that:


  • only those eligible will be on the ride
  • the seat belts are fastened (he should do it for all of the passengers of the ride, or at least for those who seem not to be able to do it by themselves)
  • there aren't more passengers than the available seats
  • the order is being kept by those waiting for their turn
  • the fee for the ride is collected or the tickets are checked
This is usually a summer job, therefore a seasonal one. However if the weather allows it, it can be a year-round job. Because it is a seasonal job, it is best intended for students or even for those who have a hard time finding a job in their field.

Amusement Park Ride Attendant Resume Sample


Name: Jim Norris
Birth date: 04.05.1961
Address and Contact Details: 20 Pennsylvania Street, Upton, NY 11973, (203) 972-5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 2 children
Driver's license: Yes


To get the open spot of an Amusement Park's Ride Attendant and ensure that people have fun while respecting the safety measures.


An experienced amusement park ride attendant who is willing to start working immediately is required. Reliable employee, very well experienced with safety measures, cashing money. Paying a lot of attention to the details.


Amusement Park Ride Attendant, The Amusement Park, City, YEAR(S) (if worked for extra years in the same place)

  • cashing in the ride fee
  • making sure those kids under a certain age didn't get on the ride (park and ride policy)
  • making sure kids of an appropriate age are being accompanied by an adult
  • making sure the equipment was clean and functioning well, according to the standards
  • reporting any incidents
  • keeping the order for those waiting for the next ride
  • cleaning the equipment and performing minor maintenance on it

University Name (currently attending), City, majoring in Public Relations and Communication

  • expected diploma in June, YEAR

High School Name, City, year graduated

  • high school diploma
  • remember to update your resume in case you moved from your previous home
  • remember to adapt the resume to your experience, education and expectations
  • if you can think of something really important that needs to be mentioned and which would help you land the interview, just create a special section for it, and re-say it during the interview.
This resume can be used by anyone searching for a position as an amusement park ride attendant. This personnel should also be able to explain things to the those going on a ride, like what to do or not do in case the ride stops and doesn't restart, depending on where they are in the ride and depending on how much time it usually takes for the ride to restart by itself. He or she should also know that the weekends will be busier than the week days themselves.

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