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Industrial Truck & Tractor Operator Resume

When applying for this type of job, the applicant has to possess great mechanical skills; he has to be in excellent physical state and to have a fine sense of balance. Because they have to work with large equipment, these operators should be capable of judging distances and to have sound eye hand foot coordination. Some of the positions for this job may entail working at medium and big heights.


These workers normally work with a standard industrial truck, usually named lift truck or forklift which has a hydraulic lifting system and forks in order to move large and heavy materials. Moreover, industrial truck and tractor operators can operate tractors that drag trailers filled with good, materials, or equipment within warehouses and factories or around open-air storage places.

Using heavy construction gear can be hazardous but, as with the majority of equipment, accidents usually can be avoided by following the appropriate operating actions and safety policies. Operators who utilize industrial trucks or further dangerous gear ought to be given focused training in safety procedures and awareness. A lot of the training needs are decided by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This instructing is normally offered by the employing company.

Industrial Truck & Tractor Operator Resume Sample

Contact Details:

Maurice T. Layton
88, Sunny Drive
Some Town, US 98788
Home: (222) 777-4444
Mobile: (909) 505-0000


Dedicated worker looking for a position as Industrial Truck and Tractor Operator


  • Safe and experienced driver
  • Reliable and trustworthy worker
  • Acquainted with all state and federal transport safety procedures and rules
  • Capable of taking directions and carrying them out
  • Strong interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Proven track record of responsibility
  • Supervisor skills
  • Class C license holder
  • Experience in fork lift operation
  • Vast knowledge of tools and machine
  • Ability to work under bad weather condition
  • Ability to do minor maintenance work
  • Self motivated and confident
  • Ready for immediate hire

Working History:

Industrial Truck and Tractor Operator,

ABC Storage Company, Big City, US

  • Main responsibility was to use industrial trucks or tractors prepared to move supplies and materials and small machinery around and in the storage yard.
  • Manually loaded different types of merchandise onto platforms when they could not be moved with the forklift
  • Performed maintenance on the equipment used at the job and sent the forklift into service when complex mechanical problems appeared
  • Verified that the boxes or tanks were accurately fastened so as to avoid incidents upon transportation from one area to the next.

Forklift Operator,

BCD Foods Co., Big City, US

  • In charge of moving products from the main warehouse to numerous destinations around and within the company's yard, as assigned by manager.
  • It was my responsibility to maintain the forklift in good condition
  • Maintenance and administration of ware house

Apollo Movers Pvt. Ltd.

Truck and Tractor Operator

Minneapolis , USA 2000-2005

  • Carrying materials in tractors from work site to off site
  • Maintenance of reports and log
  • Assisting in unloading or loading
  • Inspection of truck and making reports on truck's condition after every trip
  • Securing load on trailer during transit
  • Service and maintain equipment with fuel, oil and other needs

Training and Education:

  • Associate degree in Arts
  • University degree in Arts
  • High School Diploma, 2003
  • Certification in safety procedure
  • Certification in fire fighting skills
  • Course in life saving skill

Involvements and Accolades:

  • Member of the International Truck Drivers Association since 2008


Leroy L. Ross
ABC Storage Company, Big City, US

Christopher L. Desrochers
BCD Foods Co., Big City, US

Arthur D. Sawyer
Apollo Movers Pvt. Ltd.
Minneapolis , USA

Personal Details:

Maurice T. Layton
88, Sunny Drive
Some Town, US 98788
Home: (222) 777-4444
Mobile: (909) 505-0000

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