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Industrial Truck Driver Resume

An industrial truck driver has duties and responsibilities such as: driving the vehicle put into service, ensuring daily maintenance and verifying that safety is provided, making current repairs in the vehicle, arranging for complex truck repairs to be made by a specialist; in the case of loads, assisting in loading and unloading the truck, taking care of transported cargo, including, if necessary, preparing documents for clients, keeping records of made journeys, fuel and passengers or cargo carried (if asked to do so).


As an industrial truck driver, one has to work inside or outside their vehicles wherever they move. They may have to take long trips and work long hours when downloading goods. So, during repairs, loading or unloading, long working hours and long journeys are possible. Usually, they work in dusty environments, take contact with lots of different persons; possibly they will be working with explosives or volatile chemicals (for drivers of trucks, road tankers, tractors). In this job, one has the truck that he has to drive, as a work instrument, common tools for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and their hands and feet.

Imperative in this domain is having a driving license for motor vehicle for the appropriate category. For some types of motor vehicles, ancillary courses and additional examinations are required. So, when applying for this job, keep in mind that your resume is your presentation first of all. In order to increase your chances make sure your resume is good. Of course, you have to write about the different driving license types that you possess and about your previous experience, which for sure is necessary.

Industrial Truck Driver Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Samuels Vince
Birth date: 29.02.1979
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes (all categories)


Industrial truck drivers are persons taking responsibility for transporting goods and people from one place to another. They have to have some experience and they are responsible for the safety of the people or goods and for making the deliveries in due time.


To become a industrial truck driver in your company


Experienced and reliable industrial truck driver, I am ready to start work immediately and I am available for driving long distances. Ready for immediate hire for short or long distance driving.


  • 10 years since obtaining my driving license
  • Responsible, patient, disciplined, confidence and dynamic
  • Ability to react fast
  • Concentration ability
  • Hard working, trustful and punctual
  • Ability to find destination points using a map
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to follow instructions and procedure
Work Experience

Industrial truck driver, STC Building, New City, 2003-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Carrying construction materials
  • Driving big trucks, applying knowledge of commercial driving regulations
  • Maneuvering truck into the loading and unloading positions
  • Performing minor reparations
  • Writing transportation documents

College Diploma, New City College, 1999


Industrial Truck Diver of the Year, 2007

Areas of interest

Driven legislation


Mathew Smith
STC Building, New City

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