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Truck Driver Resume

Truck drivers have to transport materials, products, goods or other items to various destinations. They need to safely transport these items while facing road and weather conditions. Truck drivers can work in different industries no matter how small or large are the vehicles they drive.


The main duty of a truck driver is to transport materials or products to and from specified destinations, to maintain vehicle supplies or equipment and to ensure that the truck is working properly. These skilled drivers also have to load and unload their trucks, to check the inventory of their load or to present receipts or bills.

Truck Driver Resume Writing Tips

The first elements you have to add in your resume are the contact information with your name, address and phone number; then you have to add a short introduction describing why is this position important to you and also add the summary presenting your most important skills and qualifications. Then you can add the objective statement, the skills and qualifications, working experience and training. In the objective statement, write what type of job you are looking for and what skills you have to gain the job.

In the abilities section, you can not only list general skills, but also specific skills you have gained as a truck driver. For example: ability to follow directions easily or physical force to carry hard objects. In the working experience section, present your previous jobs from your current to the last position you held. Describe what were your main duties and responsibilities and add the name of the position, the name of the company and the period of employment. The final section of your truck driver resume has to be about your training and education. There are no strict rules on how to practice this job, but the best thing is to have a high school diploma or a truck driving certification from technical schools.

Truck drivers have important tasks and as a result they need to be responsible and hard-working individuals. If you possess these skills, focus on them in your resume.

Truck Driver Resume Sample Contact Information
Name: Gabriel Glatman
Address: 251 South Street
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 25.08.1978


From my experience I can state that truck drivers have to transport materials, products, goods or other important items to various destinations.


Seeking a challenging and rewarding position as a truck driver in a reputed organization where I can utilize my experience, skills and knowledge.


Hard-working truck driver with excellent organizational and time-management skills and with eleven years experience in transporting items to various destinations.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent stress management and time-management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Deep knowledge of the truck and the equipments needed for safe transport
  • Ability to work in a single axel trucks in a safe manner.

Work Experience

Truck Driver, Union Pacific, Washington, DC, 2004-present
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Verified the loading and unloading of shipments
  • Responsible for obtaining shipper and receiver authorizations or signatures
  • Coordinated truck inspections and repaired any vehicle malfunctions on the road.

Garbage Truck Driver, City of Atlanta, GA, 1999-2004
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinated municipal trucks in a safe manner
  • Operated the equipment in a efficient way according to strict policies and procedures
  • Cleaned the trucks as required
  • Verified if the trucks and the equipment are securely stored.

High School Diploma, Bowdon High School, Atlanta, GA

Areas of Interest

References available upon request

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