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Engineering Resume

Resume can be termed as the most effective tool to impress the recruiter. A resume carries some traits of the person to whom it belongs to. It may sound surprising but many a time candidates may get rejected due to a bad resume. Here are some tips on writing a good engineering resume.

An engineering resume should be crisp and very precise. It should convey all the necessary information about the candidate to the recruiter. Follow the tips given below and create a mark.


  • While writing the objective in your resume, do not beat around the bush. Be very clear. Be focused on your goals. The statement of your career objectives is one of the deciding factors of you getting recruited.
  • Mention the key skills you possess. Do not exaggerate and at the same time never underestimate yourself.
  • While mentioning the educational background, always mention it anti chronologically. For example:

Bachelors in engineering
ABC Engineering College

Higher Secondary Education
St. Josephs College

  • Mention the work experience if you have any. Candidates with no experience can mention the workshops or seminars attended. If the applicant is an active member of any conference or workshop, it needs to be mentioned.
  • If you have worked earlier mention the responsibilities you shouldered. Mention the department you have worked in and the duration for which you have worked.
  • Rewards and recognition form an integral part of your resume. If you have won prizes in any competition, mention it.
  • References also play an important role. Give authentic and proper references. The recruiter may call the people to check the authenticity.

In addition to these, one should also check the following points while drafting an effective engineering resume:

  • The resume should not be too long or too short. To be precise your resume should not exceed more than two pages. Long resume looses the interest of the recruiter and there is a possibility that the recruiter may lose track if the resume is too long.
  • The order of the information should be always keep in mind. The most important information should come first
  • It is very necessary to update the resume regularly. Old experiences should be deleted and only latest should be kept. Nobody is interested in your growth chart.
  • The resume is not a praise letter. It is just a piece of paper with formal information. The resume should be professionally drafted and needs to be precise. The more precise it is, the more worth it carries.
  • The titles in the resume should be attention seeking. They should not be confusing at all. They should be comprised of one or two words. Sentences are often not encouraged as titles.

There are plenty of resume samples available on internet. You can choose any one sample as per your preference and write your resume by following the same format. Be careful while choosing the template. Do not get carried away with the formats and do not lift the resume verbatim from any site. List your details from the employer's point of view to get yourself shortlisted for that dream job.

Resume is an effective tool to impress future employers. Our suggestion while writing any resume especially engineering resume is to make sure that you do your homework about the organization you are writing for and their requirements for the profile. If you are sure about these things you can draft one of the best resumes and can present yourself in the most effective manner. You should also note that all the information listed in your resume is authentic and correct. Misinformation will not lead you anywhere as far as acquiring the job is concerned.

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