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Chemical Engineer Resume

The chemical engineer position is very sought after and people with this professional education have great career opportunities in many industries that need the service of applied chemistry. Chemical engineers take theoretical knowledge and use it in different contexts in order to transform raw materials or existing processes into new, improved, more efficient, more reliable, more useful products and procedures. They can work in the food industry and manipulate different food components in order to improve the quality or to create new products and food-components. They can even work in the medicine field as biomedical engineers and contribute to the development of diagnosis and treatment techniques. Nanotechnology, fuel cells, polymer engineering, atomic science, drugs, plastics and so on, these are all possible working industries for chemistry engineers, also known as "universal engineers".


The resume of a chemical engineer should underline the field of expertise and the specializations in the broad chemistry-engineering domain. Prior work experience and significant research and educational results are important, as well as specific skills that help a scientist be successful.

Chemical Engineer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Ana Pan
Birth date: 16.05.1983
Address:701 Mapes Road, Fort Meade, MD
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 2 children
Driver's license: Yes
References: Mr. Mark Licker, Manager of the Technical Support Department, MediTrans Pharmaceutical Company

Career Objective:

To be a part of company's team of chemical engineers and contribute to the development of new drugs and improve the existing ones.

Summary of Skills:

Chemical engineer professional with experience in research and drug development, member of the scientific community, looking for a job as chemical engineer in a prestigious pharmaceutical company that can offer me the opportunity to develop professionally.


Active member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, with great skills for research and experience in the pharmaceutical domain, science oriented, critical thinking, creativity, patience and team player.

Computer knowledge: Microsoft Office tools, Linux

Professional Experience:

Organization: MediTrans Pharmaceutical Company
Technical Consultant, 2001-2007

  • In charge of processing chemical mixtures according to predetermined chemical formulas and of testing therapeutic characteristics of the resulting compounds
  • In charge of monitoring the samples, of laboratory work and paper work, and of establishing good relations with senior scientists and with the company's clients
Organization: Arkema Company
Chemical Engineer, 2007-present
  • In charge with chemical research for the CVD Flat Glass products of the company, including process design, engineering and development
  • The positions required international travels, participation to scientific and business conferences and establishing public and customer relations
Education and Training:

PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Washington University
Master's in Chemical Engineering, Washington University
Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering, Washington University


I participated in the development and improvement of new and existing drugs, thus increasing the chances for treatment success, and in the improvement of coating products.

Areas of interest: biomedicine, nanotechnology, mathematics and food industry

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