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Electronics Engineer Resume

Complex electronic devices are created and developed with the expertise and education of skilled professionals, electronics engineers. Many people confuse electronics engineers with electrical engineers, and the reason is that the job descriptions of both positions overlap on some levels. The main difference between them is that electronics engineers are responsible for the design of electrical devices, while electrical engineers develop mainly power supplies.


However, they are both creating, testing and supervising the entire production of devices powered by electricity.

Electronics engineers will create devices such as power sources and wiring for buildings, navigation and radar systems, electric controls and motors and any kind of electrical system for vehicles.

Every person who wishes to start a career as an electronics engineer should have at least a bachelor's degree in engineering, with emphasis on advanced mathematics, physics or computer technology. Although entry-level candidates are not necessarily required to have a master's degree, for candidates who aspire to higher-demanding jobs it can be a big advantage.

Besides the college degrees, electronics engineers who wish to offer their services to the public directly will need to be licensed.

Here is a sample resume of an electronics engineer.

Electronics Engineer Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Nathan Caleb
Birth Date: 15 July 1979
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking the position of an electronics engineer within a fast-growing and reputable company, so I can put my skills and expertise to use.

Education and Professional Training

Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2001
Heavy industries crane course in Toronto, Ontario, in 2000


  • Strong knowledge in designing high power electronics
  • Excellent ability to design electronic hardware
  • Remarkable ability to resolve all problems related to electronics engineering in the process of designing
  • Exceptional ability to maintain electrical safety standards
  • Strong ability to perform electronic tests
  • Strong skills in programming languages
  • In-depth knowledge of IPC standards and criteria (PCBA, PCB, Harness and wire)
  • Very good ability to collaborate with all electronic suppliers with regard to the assemblies
  • Familiarity with quality management requirements, such as 13485 and ISO 9001
  • Expertise in designing integrated circuits
  • Remarkable organizational and communication skills

Professional Experience

2004-Present date: Electronics engineer for Goldberg Hardware, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Performing installation, service and repair of electrical equipment like vacuum pumps, well pumps, and heating, ventilation air conditioning equipment
  • Supporting the system engineers and senior technicians in the operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of numerous electrical and electronic equipment, like for example, DC power supplies, RF amplifiers, modems and line drivers
  • Managing all administrative and engineering functions in the company
  • Answering to all queries and using my expertise regarding problems with power electronics

2002-2004: Electronics engineer for Sincron Networks, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Developing the HVAC equipments and performing tests for residential units
  • Preparing digital logic, analog and electronic circuits and microcomputers and performing tests on them
  • Ensuring that all the products are tested and designed with accuracy
  • Supporting the production team and coordinating with the suppliers


  • Solving several troubleshooting problems for different companies
  • Voted employee of the month in the engineering department


Available upon request.

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