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Marine Engineer Resume

Marine engineers are the professionals who operate, maintain, design and repair the mechanical systems of boats, ships or other water vessel. These engineers usually work closely with the architect designing the ship structure and are responsible for designing the auxiliary power machinery, propulsion and other equipment needed to move a vessel. Marine engineers can find work in private firms that produce the equipment for ships or that build ships, but they can also be employed by the military, the government, transportation organizations or engineering firms.


Marine engineers have the choice to specialize in particular kinds of equipment such as engines, pumps, gears, deck machinery or heaters. They can also focus on certain phases in shipbuilding, like estimating the cost of the equipment required. Marine engineers also have the possibility to become inspectors.

Anyone who wants to become a marine engineer has to have a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, ocean engineering or marine engineering. Prospective candidates should also consider entering undergraduate programs such as hydraulics, mechanics, materials testing, electrical practice and theory, and mathematics.

If you think about applying for the position of a marine engineer, you should take a look at this sample resume.

Marine Engineer Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Alexander Powell
Birth Date: 19 October 1978
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking a position in the marine industry so I can make a contribution to the development and objectives of the company.

Education and Professional Training

    Bachelor of Science in naval engineering from Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan in 2001
    Marine Surveyor Certification


  • Previous experience in working as a marine engineer
  • Strong knowledge of marine management
  • Excellent knowledge of naval architecture
  • Strong troubleshooting and analytical skills
  • Willingness to work offshore
  • Comprehensive interpersonal and team skills
  • Ability to interpret engineering specific drawings and schematics
  • Remarkable skills in constructing marine vessels
  • Strong ability to perform failure analysis on equipment
  • Exceptional ability to manage multiple projects

Professional Experience

2006-Present date: Marine engineer for Commercial Boats Corporation, Detroit, MI
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Designed, developed, and helped with the installation of ship machinery, power supply systems and propulsion machines
  • Designed and supervised installation, testing and repair of marine equipment and apparatus
  • Conducted environmental, operational, analytical and performance studies, with the goal of developing designs for products, like marine equipment, engines and structures
  • Directing the preparation of system or product layouts, detailed schematics and drawings
  • Conferred with research personnel in order to resolve or clarify problems
  • Acted as liaison between shore personnel and the captains of the ships for ensuring that budgets and schedules are maintained, but also that the ships are operated efficiently and safely
  • Checked, tested and maintained alarm systems and automatic controls

2001-2006: Marine engineer for Waterproof Boat Manufacturing, Detroit, MI
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Managing hob estimates and contract managements
  • Manufacturing and producing medium sized aluminum and steel boats
  • Procuring raw materials and preparing the schedule for projects
  • Filling in all documents necessary for control systems
  • Coordinating with customer relations department and solving several problems
  • Supervising and handling steering and propulsion related work and troubleshooting problems.


Member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Areas of interest

  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Naval history


Available upon request.

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