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Mining Engineer Resume

What does a mining engineer do?

Once new deposits of ore are detected, the mining firms delegate engineers to find out whether these deposits are worth mining advantageously. Engineers go over the geologic studies of the area. Moreover, they meet up with officials and scientists. If these professionals decide that the deposits are profitable, they start planning the mining procedures. If the mine is underground, engineers make the design of the mine tunnels and shafts. If they mine from the surface, the engineers choose where to excavate the pits and where to place the soil and rocks that are being removed.


Mining engineers may concentrate in designing tools used for excavation. These tools may include underground railroads, ventilation systems, elevators and earth and rock-moving conveyors. In addition, engineers devise equipment that cuts and chips coal and rock. Other professionals are in charge of selecting explosives needed to blow up the ore deposits.

Which are the educational requirements?

The minimum requirement for becoming a mining engineer is a bachelor's degree in mining, but some recruiters accept a degree in other fields of engineering, too. If the engineer is interested in the fields of teaching and researching, they need a master's degree or doctorate in a mining related field.

If the engineers' work is linked to public safety and health, licensing is mandatory. In order to receive a state license, the candidate has to have a degree in engineering, a preset quantity of experience and the passing of a standard test.

How do the job's prospects look?

After years of experience, mining engineers have a lot of advancement possibilities in research or as executives. The number of job positions for mining engineers is expected to decrease in the following years, based on the decline in the mining industry.

According to the US Bureau of Labor, the average salary of a mining engineer is $50,000.

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Dedicated engineer seeking a position as Mining Engineer


  • Acquainted with geological analysis and interpretation methods
  • Well-built knowledge of engineering principles regarding surface coal mining
  • Strong comprehension of project administration, including time and cost management
  • Outstanding capability of analyzing and synthesizing a range of geologic information, interpretations and laboratory analysis
  • Constantly studying and renewing knowledge in order to be up to date with the latest geosciences projects
  • Proficient with using specialized software, such as AutoCADD, SurvCADD, MS Office and Vulcan in order to facilitate the project
  • Able to communicate engineering and technical information in writing or verbally


Mining Company, Someville, US 2009 - 2010

Mining Engineer

  • Look over mining zones for dangerous equipment, structures, and working circumstances
  • Study maps and geologic analysis in order to determine a possible new mine and its costs and profitability
  • Oversaw personnel and activities inside and around the mining field
  • Prepared records and reports related to the cost and progress of the mining processes and development
  • Examined possible mining methods and chose the suitable ones to obtain the best results
  • Prepared documentation and instructions for the mining personnel and provided periodical courses to renew the workers' comprehension of the mining activities

Another Mining Company, Anotherville, US 2007 - 2009

Mining Engineer Intern

  • Aided the office staff and the senior engineer to collect and categorize information related to the geologic analysis and reported possible mining sites
  • Gradually learnt methods and software used in this area of expertise
  • Put together presentations and displays with the help of specialized software
  • Got acquainted with environmental regulations and processes regarding the actual mining
  • Directly assisted workers with the comprehension of regulations and rules linked to safety and efficiency


  • Master's Degree, Geological Engineering ABC University (2005)
  • Bachelor's Degree, Geological Engineering BCD University (2000)

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