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Nuclear Engineer Resume

The majority of nuclear engineers in the governmental fieldwork in the US Navy as civilians, while others work for the US Department of Energy.


It is expected that lucrative job positions will be available for these engineers since the small number of graduate nuclear engineers are predicted to come to the amount of job opportunities. Since the field of nuclear engineering is a somewhat small profession, the expected increase of opportunities will offer the new engineers possibilities of employment, but the largest part of future openings will happen due to retirement of the older professionals.

A 2010 income survey made by the National Association of Colleges and Employers revealed that nuclear engineers having a bachelor's degree got an initial average salary of $51,154 a year.

Nuclear Engineer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Mattew J. Kelson
Address: 23 Violet Street
Some city, US, 98722
Home Phone: (555) 555-1234,
Mobile Phone: (555) 555-1235


Professional seeking a position as Nuclear Engineer


  • Outstandingly knowledgeable, resourceful and creative Nuclear Engineer with vast experience in dismantling, constructing and designing of nuclear power machinery and stations;
  • Maintaining and operating equipment that supplies nuclear energy
  • Creating radioactive products used by the military and medical professions.
List of Skills
  • Over 7 years of working experience in the field
  • Vast experience and knowledge with writing and specifying security cases that deal with small groups and teams
  • Noteworthy experience with carrying out HAZOP studies and engineering substantiation studies
  • Confirmed track record regarding the improvement of nuclear safety
  • Excellent understanding of significant regulations and legislation
  • Strong project engineering and management skills
  • Demonstrated capability in working alongwith other team members, as well as administrating a small group
  • Exceptional ability to evaluate and resolve problems
Working Experience

Some city Nuclear Energy Station,
Some city, US
2003 - Present

Nuclear Engineer
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Providing maintenance and engineering services for the nuclear station
  • Supporting the safety case for the nuclear station by making sure that the radiological contact during fault conditions and standard operation is adequate and ALARP.
  • Regularly meeting up with suppliers and regulators
  • Designing and reviewing instrumentation and plant
  • Developing equipment and plant specifications
  • Building up maintenance schedules and procedures and bespeaking tools for fresh plant
  • Providing guidance related to health issues, new and existing, as well as environment and safety legislation and related to monitoring conformity with the law
  • Supporting potential decommissioning implementation and planning
  • Supporting tender fabrication for procurement of services related to nuclear engineering
  • Evaluating possible contractors concerning nuclear engineering potential by reviewing and or auditing
  • Performing useful duties for example the monitoring of contamination and radiation
  • Starting Emergency reaction responsibilities up to and as well as that of Emergency Controller
  • Master's Degree in Nuclear Engineering
GHJ University of Some city in 2002
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
PLK University of A city in 1999


Available upon request

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