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Plastics Engineer Resume

Plastics engineers are involved in product development and can work as part of an engineering team or independently. They are responsible for designing and developing molds, materials and other goods out of plastics.


Plastics engineers perform various duties depending on the products they produce and the company they work for. These professionals may be responsible for developing ways to produce durable, clear plastics as a replacement to glass, in fields where glass is impossible to use, but also for designing and manufacturing lightweight parts for automobiles or aircrafts or creating innovative plastics to replace wood or metallic parts that have come to be too hard to obtain or too expensive.

Other plastics engineers may have to develop fire resistant plastics that are less expensive so as to be used in the construction of offices, houses or factories or they may have to research certain types of biodegradable molecules that won't harm the environment, increase recyclability and reduce pollution.

Plastics engineers perform various duties, such as developing new materials and processes for a better finished product, overseeing the production of high quality, reliable, standard materials and discovering new materials, by using the basic building blocks of matter.

These professionals are increasingly relying on computers for assistance in the production process. They use them to monitor the process of every molding press, to calculate cycle times and part weight, to design molds and parts on computer aided design systems, to track the labor and the processes in the mold shop and to transfer files regarding engineering issues over the internet.

For this position, experience might often be more important than a degree. Although candidates with a bachelor's degree in plastics engineering or mechanical engineering have an advantage, those with only a high school diploma and proper experience in the field might have the same chances in the employer's view.

Plastics Engineer Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Susan Reeves
Birth Date: 3 February 1978
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking to fill the position of a plastics engineer in a reputed organization where I can put my skills and experience to optimal use.

Education and Professional Training

Bachelor's degree in plastics engineering from Seattle University, Seattle, WA in 2000


  • Certified and experienced plastic engineer
  • Remarkable leadership skills
  • Creative, clear thinker and good planner
  • Strong oral and written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Hands-on experience with the latest engineering equipment

Professional Experience

2005-Present date: Plastics engineer for U3 Plastics, Seattle, WA
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Designing and planning plastic products for the use of household furniture
  • Participating in the national exhibit of designing with advanced plastic products developed by myself
  • Developing with plastics used for exports
  • Handling the color and design combination of plastics
  • Preparing model containers for being used in the making of designs
  • Working on quality control to ensure that every requirement was met

2001-2005: Plastics engineer for Melody Hub, Seattle, WA
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Supplying the production team with the required information for the design of parts and pieces
  • Creating new reports and reviewing existing validation reports
  • Establishing threshold for an appropriate molding environment
  • Ensuring that the materials were used in conformity with the specified standards


I have received The Most Innovative Material Award, at the annual Innovative Discoveries Gala in Seattle in 2006

Areas of interest

  • Chemistry
  • Sports

Available upon request.

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