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Rail Engineer Resume

A rail engineer's resume must be apropos and should include the relevant work experience and credentials. Too much of irrelevant information in the resume irritates the employer. Proofread your resume enough to make sure it is free of any mistake, be it grammatical, typographical or spelling mistakes. Your resume should be visually appealing, therefore, use a professional font size and style. Always attach you resume with a proper cover letter. Both the resume and cover letter must be impressive. The references enlisted must be asked if they should be enlisted as references. Also, be sure that they will have something positive to say about you. Use of active voice in resume and cover letter makes the document interesting and easy to read. Hence, you should use powerful action words to make your document alluring.


Important tasks or job duties of a rail engineer

  • Driving different types of locomotives, handling mechanical operations, and offering mechanical help in case of malfunctions and breakdowns
  • They need to have the technical and professional knowledge in driving electric or diesel locomotives, steam or gas–turbine–electric locomotives
  • Keep a check on instruments (related to train functioning) like air pressure, speed, battery power, train controls, etc.
  • Be aware of the factors that affect the movement of the train such as weather, rails conditions, etc.
  • Follow rail regulation

Education and qualification

  • The engineering training is more than essential for this job, and in most of the countries, a rail engineer has to take periodical exams in order to renew their rail–engineering certificate.
  • Minimum qualification of a high school Diploma is required

They have to process train orders, be attentive to manual or electric signals, and constantly monitor locomotive instruments that control battery charge, air brakes, speed, air pressure and so on. In order to ensure safe running of the trains, they have to perform a mechanical evaluation of the condition of locomotives, before and after each trip. Any problem that may occur should be solved with the help of their engineering and mechanical skills. Rail engineers have to adapt to modern technologies such as computerized train orders and computerized malfunction alert devices.

The resume of a rail engineer has to include the field training and special skills that qualifies him or her for addressing every possible railroad problem. Here we have a sample resume for a rail engineer:

Rail Engineer Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Dan Vince
Birth date: 1/4/1975
Address and Contact Details: 8439 112 Street NW, Edmonton, Albuquerque, NM, USA
Phone: (202) 901 53625
Marital Status: Married

About Me

I have been working in the railroad system, first as a junior railway engineer, and then as a senior engineer and gained the special skills and qualifications needed to ensure safe and efficient run of different types of trains. I have worked both with freight and passenger trains and with all types of locomotives and have obtained the best results in efficiently checking the trains for mechanical malfunctions, and preventing any type of unfortunate event.


My objective is to further use my competencies in the field as a rail engineer. I possess extensive on-the-job training and knowledge, and wish to offer my services in improving your company's overall performance.


  • Technical and engineering abilities
  • Mechanical abilities
  • Familiarity with different types of locomotives and trains
  • Familiarity with railroad rules and regulations

Computer knowledge

  • Windows XP
  • Microsoft Office
  • Computerized devices used in train operations

Work Experience

Railroad Senior Engineer, NMRC, 2002–2010
Railroad Junior Engineer, NMRC, 1999–2002


  • Receiving train orders for trips
  • Checking the locomotive for malfunctions before and after each trip
  • Interpreting mechanical and electrical signals
  • Ensuring a smooth run of the train by monitoring and operating controls, air brakes, battery charge, and speed

Education and Training

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Alberta University, 1996


As a railroad conductor, I have obtained great work performances and have prevented the occurrence of unfortunate events.

Areas of interest

  • Mechanics
  • Engineering
  • Sciences
  • Train operations


Available upon request

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