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Ship Engineer Resume

In the next paragraphs, you will read about the job of a ship engineer. There are relevant details provided about the tasks that the ship engineer has to manage as well as about the way in which you have to present yourself to the employer through your resume. For this purpose, a sample resume has been included in the article.


As a ship engineer your main responsibility is to connect the mechanical systems on board of the ship. You have to monitor the engines in order to make sure that these are functioning properly and to inspect all mechanical and electrical devices. When malfunctions are detected, the ship engineer has to redress the situation by providing necessary repairs and has to announce the captain of the issue. Furthermore, the ship engineer is responsible for building and repairing various engine parts and for attending any problem occurring in the electrical and technological devices on board. As a consequence, if there are any problems with the heating or the cooling systems, the ship engineer has to verify them and mend them in a timely manner.

Concerning the studies needed if you want to become a ship engineer, you should know that a bachelor degree in marine, mechanical or ocean engineering is required.

The resume for a position as a ship engineer should reflect all the knowledge and experience you have with ships, as well as the diplomas you have which pinpoint your theoretical preparation to handle any technical problem occuring aboard a ship

Ship Engineer Resume Sample

Contact details

John Furman
522 W 38th Street
Honolulu, HI
10018-1104, United States
(123)-456 7890.


I want to obtain the ship engineer position. It is my goal to properly monitor all of the electrical devices so as to prevent any malfunctions from happening that could lead to a disaster.

Abilities and qualifications:

  • In depth knowledge of communications systems such as electronics, power systems, console and computers, controllers, AC/DC light, transformers or generators.
  • Strong experience in the electrical field
  • Knowledgeable in hydraulics, motor control, related systems, and in the major electrical components.
  • Able to handle emergency situations in an effective manner
Professional Experience:

Hawaii Marine Company, Kaneohe, HI
Ship engineer

Duties and responsibilities:

  • In charge of the budget plans for the operators, but also for the maintenance and procurement departments.
  • Managing the team concerning the soft and consistent operations on the ship.
  • Managing the audits of the ship concerning its safety, its environmental protection and its quality control.
  • Thoroughly analyzed the engines, boilers and the electrical devices before going out to sea
  • Verified the equipment on a daily basis
  • Made proper reparations when necessary
Shipment Company, Kaneohe, HI
Ship engineer

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Supervising the maintenance of the injectors and of the other equipments.
  • Training the other members of the team concerning the generators and the power plant.
  • Planning the cargo in order to increase the consistency of the ship.
  • Keeping the maintenance of the ship.
  • Keeping the record of all the operations.

Chaminade University, Honolulu, HI
Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering, 2001

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