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Executive Resume

An executive is supposed to be an expert in his field of work. When applying for an executive level job, you need relevant work experience of several years. An executive resume must focus on the job summary and work experience. When you are drafting an executive level resume, you should not stick to the regular generalized pattern of resume writing.

You must focus on the question, what's in it for recruiter/employer? Before you start the resume-drafting process, set aside few minutes to find out what exactly the recruiter would like to see in your resume.


Since you are applying for executive level post there won't be thousands of application for such high-level post. The recruiter will spend time to go through your resume. It won't be just the recruiter but the entire recruitment team that will read your resume to find out whether you are the right candidate. Hence make sure that your resume contains the details that the higher management will be looking for.
Include job summary in your resume instead of job objective. The recruitment team wants to see whether you will be an asset to the company. Once they know it, they would like to know the exact designation you are looking for. The job summary should be 4 to 5 sentences long. Mention your achievements in the previous work place. Don't just mention your roles and responsibilities. We are bound to carry out the roles and responsibilities given to us. Mention the details of the targets you exceeded by putting extra effort and the steps you took to improve profit. If a certain product was not doing well in sales and your marketing tactics helped to gain profits, then don't just mention the amount of the gains. Provide the details of the losses borne earlier and the profit gained after you took over. This will help the recruitment team to get a clear idea of your efforts and appreciation for your work.

Mention only the work experience related to the job you are applying for. Since you are applying for an executive level job, you must have work experience of several years. Skip the irrelevant work experience and provide the details of the relevant work experience. Mention the name of the organization, your designation, tenure at the organization and achievements. When you are listing the achievements, make sure you do not mention any confidential data of your previous organization. You may be judged on this parameter by the recruitment team.

Remember the reason why the organization would like to recruit you. They want you to improve their business. Hence highlight the profits gained or the money saved through your ideas and guidance during your previous jobs.

Mention your multi-linguistic skills, if the company you are applying for has branches in various countries or is planning to open a new branch. Your multi-linguistic skill will be considered as an added advantage.

Essentials for executive resume are as follows:

Professional words:

Have a professional approach when you are drafting your resume. Include keywords related to the executive field in your resume. You can include keywords such as performance optimization, strategic planning, business development, corporate administration, crisis management, budgeting and finance, world class organization, corporate administration, organizational leadership, joint ventures, profitability improvement, global organization, alliances, team building, benchmarking, consensus building, and best practices.

Professional font:

Your resume should be neat and to the point. Use bullet points to list important details so that they grab the attention of the recruitment team. Mention single line points. Your resume must be easy to read and understand. Do not use too much of bold and italic. The font used must be readable.

Other details:

Your resume must include your contact details and references. The contact details must be part of the header and must contain your name, address, contact number and email-id. The references provided at the end must include referees name, designation, company name, contact number and email address.

The executive resume must highlight your job summary, work experience and achievements. The management is looking for people who can improve their business.

Following are the executive sample resumes:

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