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Chief Security Officer Resume

Usually, security officer is a person working for the army, police, navy, air force or any other institution involving security issues related mostly to the government. The chief security officer is a high rank officer who has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. This is why he needs to be a well-prepared individual, well trained in various areas of the job or of the institution they work for. There are cases when this chief security officer will work for a business building: such as a mall or an office building, airport, train station and others. The chief security officer resume of the individual wanting to occupy such an important position will have to show their loyalty, responsibility, ability to make decisions, ability to manage teams. It can be one or two pages long, but it must include action verbs and key words, contact details for the candidate, the reason for the resume (goal), maybe a short introduction, previous work experience, education (usually a high school diploma and school's name) and the training for this position (on the job most of the times) and also some references. However, the references are not required if you get a promotion.


And don't forget to mention any notable results or achievements you've got, in a distinct section, maybe before the work experience, even if it looks like bragging: you need to sell yourself by showing the best of yourself.

Sample Chief Security Officer Resume

Contact Details

Name: Mark Adams
Address: 11 name street 1111, New York
NY 799900 89899
Phone: (262)365 876


To get the open position as Chief Security Officer in this company.


A determined man, with proven managerial abilities, strong people's skills, reliable and dynamic, who wishes to serve and to grow with your company.

Achievement Detected suspicious activity that proved helpful to the police catch the culprit. Received medal and title, while working for Microsoft, Redmond.


  • Good computer skills (Microsoft Word and Excel)
  • Very good communication skills
  • High stress tolerance level
  • Administration and management skill
  • Strong knowledge of information technology
  • Ability to handle teams
  • Good self control like avoiding anger and aggressive behavior
  • Paying great attention to details
  • Knowledge of vulnerability testing in addition to penetration testing
  • Working great on my own, not needing a lot of supervision or indications from supervisors
  • Medium knowledge of two foreign languages (Spanish and French)
  • Experience in network based security system
  • Loyal and responsible employ


Microsoft, Redmond 2000–2010
Chief of security personnel

  • Initially started off as a regular security officer
  • Checked in and out the visitors
  • Made sure no one, without authorization, visit card or not part of the company employees, will pass behind the check point
  • Helped the police arrest a couple of thieves, by catching them red handed
  • Made sure that all the surveillance cameras work
  • Installed various security systems in the premises and maintained them
  • Interview and hiring of new security personal
  • Implemented various security protocols in highly sensitive area
  • Made sure nobody was locked inside the building after hours
  • Administer and supervise security officers working in the premise
  • Assigning duties and scheduling work responsibilities
  • Providing training to new joins
  • Organizing workshops for uplift security standards


  • High School Diploma, New York High School, 1999
  • Graduate degree in English
  • Certification course in advance security protocol
  • Certification in network based security system
  • Black belt training in Kung fu
  • Attended workshop in free style self defense


On the job training, at Microsoft, Redmond 2005–2010


Any time if required

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