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Code Inspector Resume

There are numerous duties and responsibilities that a Code Inspector has to take care of and these include inspecting the existing residential buildings and the dwelling units visually in order to decide whether they comply with the standards that the city has. He or she also has to offer information to those individuals who have questions or inquiries. In some cases, there might be need for the Code Inspector to obtain permission from the owners to enter the dwellings. Inside he or she will visually examine the areas to decide whether they are build according to the ordinance standards regarding heating, ventilating, lighting and the plumbing installations. If you think that this job is suitable for you then you should include in your code inspector resume the prior work experience that you had regarding this field and the education that you have received.


Code Inspector Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Mona Jenkins
Address: 88, Yellow Street
Yellow vile, US 74777
Date of Birth: 1/ 7/1984
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married


To obtain the position of Code Inspector in order to improve the performances of the company, through finding every irregularity in the dwellings and through speeding up the procedure without harming the quality of the services that have been offered.

Skills and Competences

  • Good communication skills
  • Spirit of observation
  • Attention to details
  • Office duties skills
  • Good spirit of observation
  • Knowledge of public safety and security
  • Knowledge of basic of buildings and their construction
  • Clerical knowledge
  • Knowledge of local laws and regulation and legal codes
  • Highly talented and educated Code Inspector
  • Ability to write detailed reports of the things seen
  • Ability to develop good relationships with the co-workers and also with strangers
  • Efficiency and accuracy while working

Work Experience

Code Inspector, 2009–Present
City of Harrodsburg Government Offices, Harrodsburg, USA

Job Duties

  • Inspecting the properties of the residents within the limits of the city to make sure of the safety measures, electrical, building, and sanity codes or the existing properties that apply to all those people who are sending applications for building permits
  • Keeping track of all the activities and processes performed
  • Writing reports according to the things seen
  • Verified blueprints, specification of the proposed project and construction methods to make sure that they adhere to laid down legal regulations and safety procedures
  • Conducted inspection of highways, dams, sewers, buildings foundations during and after construction to make sure that the basic structural quality, safety procedures are in compliance with local regulations
  • Administered installation of basic facilities like plumbing, wiring and any other appliance to make sure they are performed according to the acceptable compliance
  • Making estimates and budgets for ongoing projects and reviewing structures to observe that they needed renovation or upgrades and approved payments for contractor
  • Conducting inspection of public lifting and transportation devices like elevators, lifts, ski lifts, and amusement rides to make sure they are functioning properly and are in compliance to the desired safety standards
  • Performed inspection of various sites using various survey instruments like metering device, tape measures and concrete measures
  • Issued violation notice and stop work order to violation offenders, owners and assign authorities to explain the local laid down regulation and provide advice for the changes to be done
  • Offering advice to the owners and answering questions and inquiries regarding the codes

Assistant Code Inspector, 2005–2009
City of Harrodsburg Government Offices, Harrodsburg, USA

Job Duties

  • Assisting the lead supervisor with the paperwork, filings, reports and information regarding the code inspections of the properties found within the limits of the city
  • Maintaining the records and documents


B.A. General Education, University of New York
New York Community College, New York, USA
Post Graduation Degree In General education, University of New York
Certification course in bookkeeping
Certification course in clerical job


Improving the performances of the department in the first year of work

Areas of Interest

  • Buildings and structures
  • Social Work
  • Charity
  • Reading books
  • Surfing internet
  • Adventure sports


Megan High
General Manager
City of Harrodsburg Government Offices, Harrodsburg, USA

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