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Correctional Officer Resume

Correctional Officers are responsible to guard prison inmates. They have to make sure prisoners respect prison rules and they have to escort them in various areas within the facility.

Correctional Officers escort arrested individuals, who wait for their trial dates in jails, penitentiaries or other types of facilities. They are responsible for maintaining the security in the prison by monitoring the behavior of inmates in order to prevent escapes or conflicts.


These workers have to maintain order in the facilities by making sure that everyone inside them respects the rules. Correctional Officers have to verify window bars, locks of doors; to check inmates for contraband goods and to coordinate them during work assignments. They are also responsible for patrolling areas in order to discover breach of rule, unacceptable attitude of inmates or forbidden activities.

Start your Correctional Officer Resume with a strong objective. The objective has to state what position you are looking for and what skills and qualifications you have for the job. In the next section, you can add your skills. Mention some general skills as well as some skills, which you have gained in your experience as a Correctional Officer such as excellent coordination and reflex, strong aptitude to handle stress and a sound judgment.

The next section of your Correctional Officer resume has to be about your professional work experience. This section must run chronological from your last to your current position. Present what your duties and tasks were in every position and add the name of your position, the name of the company and the location, and the period of employment. Your last section has to focus on your education. Again, you have to add education from the last training or qualification. Highlight anything you feel is relevant to your application as a Correctional Officer: degrees, courses. Usually, Correctional Officers are required to be trained in fields like psychology, criminology or related areas.

Correctional Officers have a difficult job because they need to verify inmates at all times and they have to make sure there is a secure and calm climate in the prison.

Correctional Officer Resume Sample

Contact Information

Name: Dwain Collins
Address: 624 Elliott Street
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 09.07.1978


From my experience, I can state that Correctional Officers are responsible to guard prison inmates


Seeking a challenging position as a Correctional Officer in a reputed firm where I can use my strong communication skills and with good leadership abilities.


Enthusiastic and dynamic Correctional Officer with extensive experience in ensuring a secure and calm climate within a prison.

Skills and qualifications

  • Knowledge of the practices and procedures used in this profession
  • Proficient in using firearms and self defense weapons
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Ability to work in a face-paced environment

Correctional Officer, Bridgeport Pre-Parole Transfer Facility, Bridgeport, TX, 2007-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Informed new inmates regarding the institutional rules of the facility
  • Monitored the contacts between inmates and visitors
  • Supervised and coordinated the recreational activities in the facility
  • Checked inmates and cells for confiscated materials and goods
Correctional Officer, SC Department of Corrections, Columbia, SC, 2002-2007

Duties and responsibilities

  • Communicated information regarding the safety and security rules to inmates
  • Monitored the inmates and checked for unusual behavior or signs of conflict
  • Collaborated with other officers, inmates and lawyers
  • Performed security checks of various security measures

Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, Angelo State University, TX

Achievements and affiliations

Member of the Correctional Officers Association of Texas since 2007

Areas of interest

Criminal Justice


References available upon request

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