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District Adviser Resume

A district adviser works in the field of youth services and administers voluntary organization programs within a specific region. Their duties are mostly managerial and organizational and can overlap various sectors of activities, such as representing the organization within the community, recruiting volunteers that can help programs become successful and planning training programs, developing methods of raising funds and promoting the organization goals, or even taking care of paperwork and compiling records.


This variety of tasks demands for an energetic, outgoing and hardworking person, capable of great dedication and strongly motivated by the organization's mission. The resume needs to make all these features obvious, as well as training or experience in business management, human services and volunteer work.

Sample District Adviser Resume

Personal Details
Name: Gill Manson
Birth date: 01.12.1979
Address and Contact Details: 15th Rose Petal Boulevard, Portland, OR
Phone: 000.000.0000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 1 child
Driver's license: Yes


My experience as a district assistant in our organization has offered me the opportunity to develop a set of skills and knowledge that best recommend me for the position of districts adviser. I have participated in all the organization's youth programs and services, and helped in representing our objectives and interests to the community.


I have the objective of trying to renew our organization's status and better promote its mission within the region. I want to make our programs, practices and operations more modern and attractive for young people and determine public institutions and civic groups participate more dynamically in developing interactive programs.


Youth organization specialist with experience in the position of assistant district adviser, applying for the job of district adviser.


  • Ability to administer voluntary work and volunteers
  • Human resources knowledge and ability to understand youth services
  • Ability to coordinate and supervise the activity of employees and volunteers in creating high quality programs
  • Ability to collaborate with regional institutions and organizations in developing comprehensive programs
  • Administrative and clerical abilities
  • Leadership skills and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to represent the organization within the region
  • Accounting knowledge

Computer knowledge:

Intermediate computer literacy, familiarity in working with accounting applications

Work Experience:

Assistant District Adviser, 2005-present
Youths of America, Oregon


  • Assisted the district adviser in all the activities and events of our organization
  • Planned promotional strategies and fund raising operations for the organization
  • Publicly represented the company within the region, in interaction with other organizations and agencies
  • Helped in the designing of youth programs, training, recreational and social programs for the youth
  • Recruited and trained volunteers
  • Handled paperwork and compiled records
  • Helped in the development of the organization's procedures and policies

Education and Training:

Master's Degree in Business Administration, North Oregon University
Bachelor's Degree in Management and Public Relations, North Oregon University


I have achieved significant results in promoting our organization within the region and identifying community resources for developing youth programs

Areas of interest:

  • Music,
  • Literature,
  • Psychology

Available upon request

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