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Equal Opportunity Inspector Resume

Equal opportunity inspector resume is constructed for getting a call for the resume in any of the reputed organization. Be precise and short in preparing your resume and make sure that the information entered is correct. Highlight the necessary part of your resume such as your experience, educational qualifications, achievement, etc. Below is the sample equal opportunity inspector resume that will help you in preparing your resume for this job position.


Sample Equal Opportunity Inspector Resume

Contact Information

Name: Mary Steams
Address: 1222 W Main ST, Logan, UT, 84321
Email address:
Contact number: (800) 697-5282

Career Objective

Seeking for the position of an equal opportunity inspector in any of the reputed organization. I have a experience of 8 years in this field. I am sure that my experience and knowledge of the domain will help in the development of the company.

Skills and Core Competencies

  • Excellent observational and analytical skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Organized and dedicated
  • Multi tasking ability i.e. bale to perform multiple task in single time
  • Target oriented and efficient
  • Excellent management skills
  • Hard-working, reliable and trustworthy
  • Excellent team player
  • Able to work well under stress or any difficult situation
  • Fast learner and accurate
  • Adaptable to change in the environment and any other conditions
  • Positive thinking and ability to solve any issues efficiently
Work Experience

Designation: Equal Opportunity Inspector
Organizational Name: ABC Associates, Kankakee, Illinois, United States
Duration: October 2006– Till Date

Duties and responsibilities

  • Plan, coordinate and ensure that the federal law as well as the rules and regulations are being followed
  • Inspect company to ensure that everyone is given equal chances to perform to their potential and get rewards as promotion, payment, etc
  • Analyze the hiring process to ensure that there is no discriminations among the hiring candidates
  • Conduct survey in the inspected locations in order to collect data or information as correct and accurate as possible so that the best evaluation can be made
  • Properly counsel the new employees and also provide them proper training about the rules and regulations of the company
  • Prepare report after completing the inspection and submit it to the higher authority
  • Explain the candidate about the employment contracts with the company
  • Study and research the complaints arrived in order to take the proper action
  • Provide assistance to the manager, human resources personnel, and employee regarding the equal opportunity laws and their legal rights
  • Verify all the job descriptions and approve them for publishing
  • Participate in the recruiting process during the job fair and other career events
  • Develop certain guidelines for non- discriminatory personnel selection and employment
  • Monitor the overall activities and the complain procedures and the complains against which complaint have been raised
  • Maintain files of the complaint in the database and process it as per the priority
  • Analyze the candidates behavior in the company
  • Make sure that the new joined candidates are following the rules and regulations of the company

Educational Qualifications

  • Master's in Business Management (MBA) in Human Resource from New York University, New York, 2003
  • Bachelor's Business Management (BBA) from New York University, New York, 2001
  • High School Diploma Degree from The White High School, New York, USA, 1998

Areas of Interest

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resource and management


Name: David Stuart
Designation: General Manager
Organization: ZS Association, Minneapolis, United States
Phone No: 965-856-5858
E-mail id:

Name: Albert Foster
Designation: Sales Manager
Organization: XYZ Associates, United States
Phone No: 258-987-5858
E-mail id:

Other personal details

  • Birth Date: 10 August 1979
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: One
  • Driver's License: Yes, B category

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