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Fire Prevention Specialist Resume

There are many hazards that can happen around us; whether they are natural or artificial, the sure thing is that they produce a lot of damages, both to our goods and especially to our lives. Fire is one of these hazards, and it can cause harm in only a few seconds, if it is not discovered on time. Sometimes, even if it is spotted in due time, the speed with which it spreads, is so high that not much can be done. Whole buildings can fall apart in a matter of seconds, houses are totally destroyed and valuable assets like ornaments, money or antiques vanish like they never existed. The quenching of fires is extremely important, but the fire prevention measures are even more important, as it is better to be safe than sorry. A fire prevention specialist resume must contain details like very good technical knowledge, a great attention to details, very good communication and presentation skills, as well as great patience in working with people. They are experts who are specially trained for creating and implementing protection measures against the possibility of fires. They are called fire prevention specialists, and their responsibilities are multiple: they are the ones who keep permanent track of the standards in fire prevention, who regularly check if the fire quenching equipment is present in every building and if everyone is aware of what they should do in case of a fire. Their work is as important as that of a fireman, maybe even more important. If you think that you correspond to all these standards and would like to work in this field, then write down your resume and go for it. Here is something to get you started.


The resume of the fire prevention specialist

Personal details:

Name: Alex Woodstar
Address: 13th, up Stream
Boulevard, New York
Marital Status: married
Driver's License: yes
Birth date: 4/12/1980


Being a fire prevention specialist means not just applying all the technical knowledge that you have accumulated, but, moreover, it involves taking care of others' safety, by giving them the right advice on how to avoid fires.


To become a fire prevention specialist within your company, and thus be given the chance of applying my knowledge and my skills to such a complex work field.

Skills and Competencies

  • Patient
  • Responsible
  • Huge experience in this domain
  • Organized and methodical
  • In depth knowledge of how to prevent fire and safety measures
  • Knowledge of public safety and security
  • Knowledge of legal codes, local laws and government regulations
  • Patient and hard working
  • Responsible and enthusiastic
  • Very good communication and presentation skills

Work experience

Fire prevention specialist's helper
The Ohio Fire Brigade, 2007–2011

Duties and responsibilities

  • Make sure that the fire prevention measures within buildings are observing the generally imposed standards
  • Come up with ingenious campaigns so as to inform people about the different ways in which a fire can be prevented
  • Inspect various buildings to make sure that all fire prevention rules and regulations are followed and find out any hazardous conditions prevailing
  • Participate in various training session to stay updated with the current fire prevention methods, safety and fire fighting methods
  • Make reports on fire codes violation and corrective action to be taken to avoid fire after in depth analysis of the inspected building.
  • Provide information to property owners or their representatives about the corrective action to ensure that properties adhere to the laid down fire codes, government laws and regulation and fire safety standards
  • Develop and implement various fire prevention methods like false fire alarm, fire inspection reporting and hazardous and inflammable materials management
  • Maintain fire fighting devices like fire extinguisher when required and ordering replacement of equipments like fire alarm and sprinkler system
  • Conduct various general awareness events for prevention of fire and how to fight fire
  • Collect evidence and sample to investigate the cause of fire and presented it in court when required


High school diploma in fire fighting
Ohio community high school
Graduation in fire fighting and public safety, University of New York


  • Great results in communicating with people
  • Great results in implementing fire prevention regional campaigns
  • Great results in monitoring and supervising the fire prevention materials

Areas of interest

  • Psychology
  • Sociology


Mr. Patrick Abbott,
Chief Inspector
The Ohio Fire Brigade

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