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Immigration Customs Inspector Resume

Immigration officers have to be attentive in identifying immigration and customs law violations and take the necessary course of action. Immigration and customs inspectors examine visas, applications, passports and other necessary paperwork, for cargo for example. Any suspicion has to be followed with additional procedures, such as interviews, inspection of goods and personal belongings. Violations have to be addressed according with the country's regulations. They have to be available for any public enquiry and offer information to immigrants, travelers and shippers.


Immigration and customs inspectors are law enforcement agents and, consequently, they need to collaborate with other law enforcement institutions in order to correctly apply the law. Since this position is a public service position, the resume needs to conform to the requirements for public job application. A KSA needs to be filled with all the competencies and achievements that recommend the candidate. Education in the field of police science or military is a significant advantage.

Immigration Customs Inspector Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Tom Waitte
Birth date: 16.05.1983
Address: 156 Cherry St, 241 Ralph McGill Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
(203) 972-5000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Not married
Driver's license: Yes


I'm a state immigration and customs inspector with police training and extensive experience in the position, seeking for an opportunity to develop my career and improve my knowledge, skills and abilities.


My objective is to be a part of the federal governmental team of immigrations and customs professionals and participate at the prevention of immigration violations. I wish to provide the federal customs with quality services and effective accomplishment of my responsibilities and duties.


Immigrations and customs inspector, with experience in the field, looking to develop my career in the federal customs agencies.


Verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal and negotiation skills, determined, ethical, acknowledged in customs and immigration laws and regulations, attentive and insightful, professional.

Computer knowledge: basic computer literacy

Work Experience:

Immigration and customs inspector, 2004-present
USCIS, Atlanta, GA


In charge of inspecting the entry of persons at the designated port and of the examination of personal belongings, merchandise, visas, passports and other paperwork. In charge of conducting interviews in case of suspicion, and applying sanctions according to immigration and customs laws, including arresting or deportation. In charge of filling periodical reports and addressing the necessary governmental institutions when required.

Education and Training:

Master's in Jurisprudence, Atlanta University
Bachelor's Degree in Police Sciences, Atlanta University


I have managed to effectively control the human flow at the USCIS Customs, to identify corresponding violations and take the necessary course of action.

I have contributed in the improvement of the customs services and the modernization of the procedures.

Areas of interest: police sciences, law, languages, cultures, social networking


Mr. Dan Smith,
Department of Human Resources,
USCIS, Atlanta

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